Ryan J. Farrick

Ryan Farrick is a freelance writer and small business advertising consultant based out of mid-Michigan. Passionate about international politics and world affairs, he’s an avid traveler with a keen interest in the connections between South Asia and the United States. Ryan studied neuroscience and has spent the last several years working as an operations manager in transportation logistics.

Former High School Athlete Awarded $1.2 Million Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A New Jersey high school student forced to attend her prom in a wheelchair was awarded $1.2 million following a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. Samantha Alpert – now 22 – was once an all-star tennis player at Livingstone High School, according to NJ.com. After a biopsy on her leg went wrong, the woman suffered nerve

Texas Legislators Introduce New Safety Bill for Hot Air Balloon Pilots

One year after the deadliest hot air balloon crash in American history, Texas lawmakers are proposing new rules to make the industry safer. Reps. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Blake Farenthold (R-TX) and Will Hurd (R-TX) jointly introduced a measure to Congress which would mandate that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) require medical certifications for hot air

Department of Justice Admits It Couldn’t Prosecute Kettle Falls Five

A Department of Justice motion could clean away the convictions of the Kettle Falls Five, who were charged with cultivating marijuana for personal use. Nearly five years ago, federal agents raided the home of Larry Harvey and Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, near Kettle Falls, WA. In the ensuing search, law enforcement officials say they found numerous marijuana

Government Forgives Student Loans for Wounded Vet Will Milzarski But IRS Doesn’t

The IRS is asking wounded Michigan veteran Will Milzarski to pay $62,000 in income taxes after the federal government forgave his student loans. First Lt. Milzarski had served two tours in Afghanistan, which left him with a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hearing loss. After deeming him permanently and totally disabled, the federal

“Underwear Bomber” Sues Government Over Civil Rights Abuses

The would-be terrorist now known as the “Underwear Bomber” is claiming that a federal prison in Colorado is violating his constitutional rights. In a lawsuit filed last week, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah claimed to be the victim of discrimination and psychological abuse. The failed terrorist said facilities at Florence Supermax in Colorado were forcing him to

Accused Molester Larry Nassar Requests Trial Be Moved Outside of Lansing

Lawyers for Larry Nassar, the former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics doctor accused of molesting dozens of athletes, are asking that his trial be moved away from Lansing. According to the Lansing State Journal, Nassar’s attorneys don’t believe their client will be able to get a fair trial so close to MSU’s campus. Citing “inflammatory

Republicans Brainstorm on How to Appease Trump and Save Dreamers

Senate Republicans are working against the clock to find a solution that’d save Dreamers from deportation and appease both Democrats and President Donald Trump. Key conservatives began private talks on a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) fix – an Obama-era program the current commander-in-chief curtailed near summer’s end. DACA shielded hundreds of thousands of