Ryan J. Farrick

Ryan Farrick is a freelance writer and small business advertising consultant based out of mid-Michigan. Passionate about international politics and world affairs, he’s an avid traveler with a keen interest in the connections between South Asia and the United States. Ryan studied neuroscience and has spent the last several years working as an operations manager in transportation logistics.

Settlement After NYPD Illegally Targeted Muslims for Surveillance

The New York City Police Department has agreed to settle in a lawsuit which alleged the NYPD illegally targeted Muslims for surveillance. The litigation was originally filed in 2013 following numerous complaints that the Department was stalking Muslims and infiltrating mosques. Ever since September 11th, 2001, the police had been actively monitoring the greater Islamic

Donald Trump Signs New Travel Ban

Donald Trump is giving the travel ban another go. On Monday, he signed an executive order restricting travel to the United States from six Muslim-majority nations. Noticeably absent from the list is Iraq, which the administration removed at the prompting of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. The new executive order is a response to the original’s

Family of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez Seeks to Stop Deportation

Last week, a 13-year old girl from Los Angeles had to watch as her father, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, was handcuffed and taken away in a black car. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers had pulled over the family on Tuesday. Avelica was driving his daughter to school in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles when

Big Settlement for Children of Immigrant Killed by Border Patrol

A judge in California tentatively approved a $1 million settlement for the children of an illegal immigrant killed by Border Patrol agents in 2010. Six years ago, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and his brother were caught by Border Patrol agents trying to cross into the United States near Otay Mesa, California. According to the lawsuit, Rojas was

Trump Proposes an Axing of the EPA’s Budget

The Environmental Protection Agency was in panic-mode the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Memos from administration officials had poured into the office, ordering information about climate change to be taken off the agency’s website. Employees were reportedly clocking in to their shifts overcome with anxiety; some workers were in tears, wondering if they’d have a

Sandy Hook Parents Try Reinstating Lawsuit Against Remington

The parents of some of the Sandy Hook Massacre’s victims are asking the State Supreme Court to reinstate a lawsuit against Remington, a large firearms manufacturer. The attorney for the families participating in the litigation, Josh Koskoff, filed a 62-page document outlining their argument. Koskoff and his clients believe Remington knowingly marketed its AR-15 Bushmaster

H.R. 1215 – Punishing Americans Protected by Obamacare

House Republicans have spent a long time damning Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. With Donald Trump in office and a majority in both chambers of Congress, the right-wing has already begun confidently chipping away at patient rights and protection. A newly-introduced bill, H.R. 1215, proposes punishing Americans who aren’t privately insured by capping medical malpractice

Judge: Immigrants Can File Lawsuit Against a Private Prison

A federal judge in Denver gave the green light for immigrants to file a class action lawsuit against a private prison operator. The lawsuit is centered on a 1,500-bed facility operated by GEO Group and located in Aurora, Colorado. Former detainees allege that their labor was taken advantage of. Inmates past and present said they’d

Oklahoma “Witchcraft” Doctor Prompts Legal Reform

The bizarre case of an Oklahoma psychiatrist who used tales of sorcery and evil spirits to coerce patients into sex could prompt a change in state law. Kyle L. Stewart – the so-called witchcraft doctor – surrendered his license after patients alleged he’d manipulated them with misleading diagnoses and bizarre stories. Stewart faced malpractice lawsuits

There’s Big Money Behind Trump Transition Team

Candidate Trump never shied away from bragging about being a big businessman. From talk about golf courses in Scotland to million-dollar deals in New York, the man has always sought to bind his brand to extravagance and wealth. As president, he’s left his role in the boardroom for a larger-than-life position in the Oval Office.