Ryan Farrick is a freelance writer and small business advertising consultant based out of mid-Michigan. Passionate about international politics and world affairs, he’s an avid traveler with a keen interest in the connections between South Asia and the United States. Ryan studied neuroscience and has spent the last several years working as an operations manager in transportation logistics.

Golfer Tiger Woods Apologizes for DUI, Says Alcohol Wasn’t Involved

Professional golfer Tiger Woods made a public apology for driving under the influence a day after his arrest. When the athlete was found asleep at the wheel of his dented and banged-up Mercedes, law enforcement officers suspected Woods had spent the night drinking. His head was on the steering wheel, two tires were flat, and

Political, Business Leaders Balk As Trump Turns Back on Paris Climate Agreement

President Trump is facing a significant backlash from influential politicians and businessmen after withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. On Thursday, the President officially announced that the United States would buck the treaty, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and slow the effects of global warming. Speculation about a possible withdrawal from the agreement had

Bernards Township, NJ, To Pay Muslim Organization $3.25m As Settlement

Bernards Township, NJ, officials will pay a Muslim organization $3.25 million under the terms of a federal lawsuit. The details of the award and its stipulations were released Tuesday. On top of having to write a large check, Bernards Township officials agreed to provide diversity and inclusion training for its current and future planning board

Litigation Against Fox News Moves Forward Without Roger Ailes

Litigation against Fox News is moving forward following the death of the network’s former chairman and chief executive officer, Roger Ailes. The Washington Post reported on Monday that three new lawsuits alleging a ‘hostile work environment’ were filed in the days after Ailes’ death. Although the late corporate helmsman was a witness and defendant in