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Golfer Tiger Woods Arrested on Memorial Day for Drunk Driving

Golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. Around 3 o’clock on Memorial Day, the athlete was arrested and booked into a local Jupiter, FL, jail. Woods was released after several hours on his own recognizance and without having to post any bond. According to CNN, there are

4th Circuit Court of Appeals Continues Halt on Trump’s Revised Travel Ban

The Trump administration suffered another embarrassing legal defeat on Thursday, after a panel of judges upheld a halt on the President’s revised travel ban. The controversial executive order – widely regarded and derided as a ‘Muslim ban’ – was indefinitely halted by a district court in March. Judge Derrick Watson, of Hawaii, had blocked the

GOP’s Back the Blue Act Makes Suing the Police Virtually Impossible

Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced identical bills, both entitled the Back the Blue Act of 2017. Under the guise of protecting law enforcement officers from assault and any variety of criminal mischief and mayhem, the implications of Back the Blue are severe. If the Act passes as proposed, killing or conspiring to

House Passes Bill to Remove EPA Restrictions On Use of Pesticides Near Water

Republican representatives passed a measure on Wednesday that would rescind EPA restrictions on the use of pesticides near water. The House vote ran along party lines, culminating in the passage of the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2017. Blessed with a name that might sound innocuous to the uninitiated, the bill’s sole intent is gouging

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombing in Manchester

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Manchester which took place last night. City police officials believe the attacker was Salman Abedi, although the local coroner hasn’t yet been able to confirm an identity. Law enforcement has moved quickly in pursuing any of Abedi’s potential accomplices, staging raids on two separate residences

University of Iowa Pays $6.5 Million to Settle Sexual Discrimination Lawsuits

The University of Iowa announced on Friday it would pay $6.5 million to settle sexual discrimination lawsuits brought against it by two former employees. Iowa’s longtime senior associate athletic director, Jane Meyer, and her partner, women’s field hockey coach Tracey Griesbaum, filed the suits following Griesbaum’s firing in 2014. Both women cited Griesbaum’s controversial termination