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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Might Be Axed

Scarcely six years after its creation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being walked to the gallows. A half-dozen bills have been presented to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act, which laid the foundations for the creation of the CFPB.  Republican lawmakers seem poised to the slash the agency’s budget by handing

Brooklyn Detainees Win Appeal Over “Awful” Conditions

Brooklyn detainees have succeeded in an appeal against the borough’s central pretrial booking center. The plaintiffs claimed that they had been forced into jail cells like sardines for up to twenty-four hours at a time. On Tuesday, a Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Manhattan struck down a ruling by a federal judge in Brooklyn.

New Charges Against MSU Gymnastics Doctor Nassar

Former Michigan State University gymnastics physician Larry Nassar has been hit with new charges stemming from allegations that arose in 2016. Nassar has been charged with 22 counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. In December, prosecutors announced they’d uncovered video the doctor had made documenting his crimes. A search of his property

Supreme Court Hears Case on Boy Killed at the Border

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a Mexican boy killed at the border near Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. A group of boys playing chicken along the U.S.-Mexico border had expected an adrenaline rush. Running, ducking, and diving into ditches, the teenagers’ antics caught the attention of a federal agent on

Looking Back on A Day Without Immigrants

Last Thursday was supposed to be a day without immigrants. All across the United States, foreign-born citizens and aliens alike showed their discontent with the Trump administration by staying home instead of showing up to work. Students skipped class, fast food crewmembers didn’t hit the time clock, and doctors didn’t don their signature white coats.

Trump Nominates Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary

President Trump nominated Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary on Thursday. The announcement came less than a day after the original pick for the position, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his application. Puzder’s credentials and background were called into question by Republican and Democratic senators alike. The Trump administration feels confident they’ve made the right pick with Acosta.

Lawsuits Allege Mistreatment of Inmates in Dayton

A growing number of lawsuits alleging mistreatment of inmates in Dayton, OH, jails have begun piling up The multiple claims of abuse range from racial profiling to due medical care being denied. Several individuals have said they were physically assaulted by officers on duty, while one woman in nearby Warren County said she had been

Senate Hearing to Combat Fraud Targeting Seniors

The Senate Aging Committee has scheduled a hearing on the 15th of February to combat fraud targeting seniors. Chairman and Ranking member Susan Collins and Bob Casey, respectively, made the announcement framed as an update. The Senators and committee are seeking to review the work law enforcement officers are doing across the country to take

ICE Raids Raise Concerns for Immigrants Across America

Immigrant communities across the country are reeling in terror from a series of ICE raids. All throughout last week, federal agents in some of the nation’s largest cities rounded up and arrested undocumented immigrants. The drive began on Monday and ended Friday, with individuals from at least a dozen Latin American countries taken into custody.

Circuit Court Strikes Down Trump’s Travel Ban

The 9th Circuit Court ruled against the travel ban in a decision that’s already begun to ruffle feathers in Washington. The ruling, which was announced on Thursday, referenced a slew of past cases and rendered opinions on the merits of any possible appeal. The judges responsible for upholding the revocation of the travel ban cited