Republican Senator Distances His Company from Exploitative Drug Rehabilitation Programs

A leading Republican in the Arkansas Senate said his company terminated agreements with drug rehabilitation programs accused of using their clients as unpaid labor. According to an Associated Press release, top-ranked Republican Sen. Jim Hendren said his company, Hendren Plastics, has revoked contracts with the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program following the filing of a

PlanToys Recalls Popular Baby Play Gyms Amid Strangulation Concerns

A new toy recall has been issued that parents should be made aware of. The recall pertains to PlanToys Baby Gyms, which have been recalled due to the concern that “babies can strangle on the side rope crossbars on the baby gyms.” The gyms are designed to be placed on the floor for babies to play. But how can parents tell if they purchased one of these recalled baby gyms for their children?

63,000 Motorized Infant Seats Recalled Over Fire Hazard Concerns

A recall was issued yesterday for more than 63,000 Fisher-Price “motorized infant seats after receiving 36 reports of the product overheating and one report of a fire starting in the seat’s motor housing.” While there have been no injuries reported so far, Fisher-Price isn’t taking any chances, and decided to issue a “fast track” recall of the product, “meaning that the company is committed to working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to remove the recalled product as quickly as possible.”