28,000 Delta Jogging Strollers Recalled Due to Potential Fall Hazard

Jogging strollers are popular among parents committed to living a healthy lifestyle, even if it means having to take their little one along for the ride. The unique strollers allow parents to jog or power walk with ease, so it’s no surprise that they have increased in popularity over recent years. However, because more households now own a jogging stroller of some type, it’s a big deal when a recall pops up, such as the one recently issued for “Delta Children’s J is for Jeep brand cross-country all-terrain strollers.”

Six Reasons Electric Vehicles are Taking Over the World

Remember when the idea of electric cars used to be a fantasy? Something from The Jetsons or Tron. I mean, who could imagine not needing to fill up a gas tank every 150 miles? The whole idea was ridiculous. Gas powered engines seemed like they would be the dominant force into the foreseeable future. But the days of ubiquitous electric cars are here…or almost here, depending on where you live.

CDC, FDA Urge Recall of ‘Death Wish Coffee’ Over Botulism Concerns

Have you ever tried what’s been dubbed the “world’s strongest coffee?” Known as “Death Wish Coffee,” an average cup of the brew “contains 12 to 16 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce,” much more than your typical cup of joe. Unfortunately for the company behind the product, the FDA and CDC are forcing it to recall “thousands of cans of the cold-brew caffeine drink” after concerns that “toxins responsible for the deadly illness botulism might have made it into” the product.