More Cable Consolidation as Charter buys Time Warner

5/26/2015 Charter Communications is expected to announce on Tuesday that the company has reached an agreement to purchase Time Warner Cable. If the deal passes regulatory scrutiny, the third and second largest cable providers, respectively, will provide heavy competition to industry leader Comcast, as well as other companies like DirecTV and Netflix. The estimated $55

Banks: Target, Mastercard Data Breach Settlement is Insufficient

5/25/2015 A lawsuit will continue in U.S. District Court in Minnesota regarding Target’s widespread 2013 pre-holiday data breach as banks rejected a $19 million settlement proposed last month. Over 40 million debit and credit cards were compromised during the breach, putting millions of cardholders’ information at risk. The settlement set aside by Target would have

TPP: The China Question

5/21/2015 As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “fast track” debate continues its push through the congressional gauntlet, my fellow colleague Jay and I have analyzed hundreds of texts and perspectives surrounding the trade deal. We have covered labor, patent and trademarks, mass-torts, environmental concerns, and the highly controversial Investor State Dispute Resolution (ISDS) system, and little

Will Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption Survive the Supreme Court?

5/20/2015 Baseball is a game of eternal youth, and nothing may be more evident of that than listening to 95 year-old retired Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens talk passionately about the future course of the sport. In a May 15th speech in front of the Sports Lawyers Association in Baltimore, Justice Stevens recalled his

The Legal Ramifications of Self-Driving Cars Part Two: Liability

5/18/2015 As mentioned in my last post, Google has just launched the first self-driving car onto public roadways near its California headquarters. This comes after the company recently admitted to the vehicles being involved in 11 minor accidents, with no injuries and little damage during 6 years of testing. These revelations confirm many people’s concerns

TPP: Corporate Liability, Monsanto, and the Alien Tort Statute

5/15/2015 Now that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has apparently survived a near coup d’etat led by Democratic Senators Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren, pending a successful re-vote, the battle over the large-scale trade deal will soon be heading to the House of Representatives. The vote in the House may be even more troublesome for the