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Chief Reasons for Hiring a Civilian Lawyer to Help You with Your Military Sexual Assault Case

— December 1, 2020

Civilian litigators are best for safeguarding the interests of those military personnel who are facing sexual assault charges.

Sexual assault allegations could have some serious repercussions and harsh consequences for military personnel. That is predominantly the reason why they may have a preference for working with a reliable and experienced civilian lawyer. Statistics show that American troops were involved in sexual assaults with one another around an estimated 20,500 times in 2018, at the average rate of almost 400 cases every week.

As per, that seems to be a 38 percent rise in assaults in comparison to the last findings of the Pentagon survey of 2016 relating to predatory behavior existing in US military troops. This seems to be solid evidence of the fact that the US armed forces are gradually becoming prey to a corrosive, hidden culture in the military ranks. Victims were male and female alike. However, 7 out of every 10 cases of assault prefer to remain silent.

Under the prevailing circumstances, some service members often end up facing charges of sexual assault or misconduct. They usually, depend on the lawyer arranged by the JAG corp or the Judge Advocate General. However, there are many reasons to employ the services of a qualified and experienced civilian lawyer to defend you against the military sexual assault charges.

Top Reasons to Hire a Civilian Litigator

A Bias-Free Independent & Fair Investigation

As the military legal representatives have easy access to the various resources that are provided by the prosecution and the military authorities, they tend to depend on the available case details. On the other hand, civilian defense lawyers may like to conduct their own research and investigations regarding the authenticity of the case. It may include speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence that could prove useful in proving that the defendant did not commit the alleged crime.

Wide Trial Experience

The credentials of most of the military counsels who have been authorized to take up cases of military personnel facing courts-martial because of allegations of sexual assault are often quite strong. Because of the hierarchy and other such parameters, it is quite common to find that these military counsels are lacking in experience in terms of tackling these kinds of cases. We know that civilian litigators with extensive experience in tackling military law cases seem to have sound knowledge about the nitty-gritty of sexual assault cases. They may even have wide experience in taking such issues to trial. Read more on R. Davis Younts discussing military sexual assault casesYou may find an experienced civilian attorney for taking up military sexual assault cases at this location. 

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Representation with Absolute Autonomy

Military attorneys are often loyal to the existing chain of command. In certain cases, this could impact their freedom to take fair action or take proactive steps in the best interests of solely their clients without internal pressure, bias, or influence. Civilian lawyers would be acting independently without any pressures of military bureaucracy. This gives them the opportunity and complete freedom to prove a high-ranking army official guilty of misrepresentation of actual facts or sexual misconduct.


Civilian litigators are best for safeguarding the interests of those military personnel who are facing sexual assault charges. You need to realize the importance of a fair trial because sexual assault cases could have serious implications including severe penalties and loss of a career forever.

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