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Corruption, CDC, and Needless Loss of Lives

— September 4, 2020

Tragically, currently there is no end in sight – to the needless deaths or the corruption.

The more things change, sadly, the more they remain the same. This is especially true when it comes to corruption.

Trump Administration

“It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C.”

“The agency’s new guidelines are wrong, so states have to step up on their own to suppress the coronavirus”. Quoted from NY Times Opinion article by Harold Varmus, former director of NIH, and Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation. 1

And the New England Journal of Medicine published an article expressing concern about the White House politicization of the CDC Guidelines for school openings. 2

Obama Administration

Also see my experience with CDC Triage Guidelines politicized by removing “Rollover and Extrication” from the Guidelines to protect GM and other auto companies from liability in rollover crashes. 3

Clinton Administration

The CDC favored the NRA by stopping research on gun violence issues in the 1990s. 4

Image of the CDC Logo
CDC Logo; image courtesy of the Center for Disease Control via Wikimedia Commons

Consequences of Corruption Continue – No End in Sight

Donald Trump, arguably the worst President in U.S. history, is our clear and present danger. He and his party are deliberately corrupting the science and policy of protecting us all from COVID-19, pollution, and of auto and road safety. 

Injustice, inequality, and in-sustainability have reached intolerable levels. 

All of those who enable him and support him are furthering this corruption.  

So many lives lost needlessly so far by each of these corrupted policies.

And so many more will die needlessly from the corruption of these and other government policies. 

Tragically, currently there is no end in sight – to the needless deaths or the corruption.

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