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Helpful Tips if You’re a New Homeowner After Divorce

— May 5, 2020

Significant accountability comes with owning your house. You have to maintain your finances well enough to support your house, secure your property, manage your assets, and keep your family safe.

Divorce is a stressful and debilitating experience. Outside the apparent emotional strain it can give an individual, it is also difficult when it comes to handling finances. Furthermore, a prevalent cause of confusion and contention is the process of starting a new home. And, it’s usually considered great to have a little additional assistance while going through this tedious process; these tips are here to provide you with just that.

Eight helpful tips that’ll assist you

  • Consider the Location

Individuals after divorce have gone through enough change. Naturally, they do not want to leave the comfort of the area they resided in previously, especially if the couple had children. The children usually want to stay close to both their parents without having to change their schools or face a new environment; hence, the location where you settle is vital. 

However, if you had an estranged marriage, you might want to start afresh. It’s then natural to move to a new place, but first, do try to rent out in the area to make sure you are comfortable and familiar. Test the area, start a hearty routine here. If you fit in, choose it to be your permanent living situation.

  • Explore Your Environment

Do explore the activities available in your surroundings that will help to keep away from the mental stress caused by the divorce. Your new home can come with new hobbies, too. If you have extra energy, try activities like painting your new home. If not, try gardening in your backyard, and there are always good golf courses for seasoned individuals who find many benefits. Get to know your new neighbors. You can host a barbecue or any other ice-breaking event to reconnect with people. Start building yourself once more.

  • Make sure you can afford it

It is possible that in your marriage, you weren’t the one who dealt with the finances. It’s scary settling alone in such situations. Do not worry; you will manage with a little flexibility and some planning.

This means you will need to consider your mortgage and the bump in your household bills that comes with the split. So, have a plan in place for both. If you are completely blank on the mortgage issues related to divorce, get help from this video. 

Often, legal offices market help, you can consult them for some counsel on these issues. Furthermore, before finalizing on your new home, do check if you can manage its bills. As support, try availing yourself of the tax discounts available for a single householder. Contact your local council to get details.

  • Hire a good Law firm

Handling taxes, insurance, mortgage, and divorce settlements all at once can be hard. It’s thus advisable to hire law firms that will help you every step of the way as a new homeowner. But, choose the law firm marketed correctly and one that meets each of your needs.

  • Do Not go Over-budget

It’s natural to personalize your new home after the split. A homey environment can be beneficial for you, but don’t go overboard while buying those sofas. Keep a baseline budget for these expenses, and do not cross it. Be kind to yourself and adjust your expenses. While trying to retain your life savings, you can always buy those sofas next year. Right now, use your budget for essential issues like maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.

  • Know your Tax Returns

People often do not know how their tax returns work. If you don’t, then make sure you hire someone who does. An accountant is always helpful in dealing with your new home’s tax returns. You should also know that your marital status can affect your tax returns, watch this to find out more. Additionally, check what the law firms are marketing; sometimes, they also help with your tax returns.

  • Get yourself insurance

Mortgage providers require you to purchase homeowner’s insurance, implying that you have to purchase to be fully capable of replacing your property in case of a complete loss. And, that’s not the only insurance you need. You will require life insurance, so have a named beneficiary in place, in case of your unexpected death. Furthermore, to ensure your income against any unfortunate disability you might undergo, please keep your disability income insurance in place.

Boy sitting on floor near TV, playing video game; image by Albert Renn, via
Boy sitting on floor near TV, playing video game; image by Albert Renn, via
  • Build a Home

The aftermath of leaving a marriage can be painful, messy, and full of contradictory feelings; read this to learn more. It’s necessary to have a safe space in times like these. Your home can be just that. This new house can be the start of a happy new chapter in your life. Start new traditions, start a healthy routine, install a security system, or maybe paint your walls, whatever makes it a safe place for you. 

But, bear in mind that this is a new start, so do not dwell on your divorce. Instead, commit to creating memories here that make you feel content and that you will be able to reflect upon with a smile in your future.


Significant accountability comes with owning your house. You have to maintain your finances well enough to support your house, secure your property, manage your assets, and keep your family safe. Don’t let the novelty and delight of being a new homeowner drive you to poor choices or misjudgment that compromises your financial and emotional security.

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