Wrongful Death Suit Against Bruce Jenner Hits the Skids

6/3/2015 Gender isn’t the only thing Bruce Jenner is out to change. He recently filed to dismiss a wrongful death suit concerning an accident on Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway in February 2015. One woman, Kimberly Howe, 69, was killed while her five passengers were injured. William Howe,57, and Dana Redmond, 60, sued Jenner in May

Pound Institute names Issacharoff Inaugural Appellate Advocacy Award Winner

5/31/2015 Officers and Trustees of the Pound Civil Justice Institute announced on Thursday, May 28th that they have awarded New York University Law professor and BP settlement attorney, Samuel Issacharoff the winner of the think-tank’s first Appellate Advocacy Award. Issacharoff is being awarded the honor for his tireless efforts working on the Deepwater Horizon lawsuit against

Is Blue Cross/Blue Shield a Cartel?

5/29/2015 A federal judicial panel in Alabama has consolidated two lawsuits into a single claim, alleging that the networked structure of insurance group Blue Cross/Blue Shield violates federal antitrust law. Both suits, one filed on behalf of healthcare providers, and the other on behalf of individuals and small-business customers claim that the 37 separate entities

Supreme Court Rules War is not Excuse for missed Whistleblower Deadlines

5/27/2015 In a decision that helps to define the statute of limitations for whistleblower cases, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday, May 26th that whistleblowers do not get extra time to file false claims complaints during a time of war. The case revolves around former Iraq contractor, Benjamin Carter, whose 2011 complaint under review alleges

Costco May Be Double Dipping on Sales Tax

5/27/2015 Costco may be double dipping on sales tax according to a class action suit in California. The suit, filed by John Conrad, Thomas Brooks, Eileen Kolkey, Gloria Kent, Robert Kolkey, Jeffrey Sobel, Raymond Lee, Richard Parcel and Byram Williams, alleges that the wholesaling giant is breaking California law by overcharging customers for discounted items.

Pershing Park Protests Class Action Finally Settled!

5/27/2015 The Pershing Park Protests class action finally settled! The case dealt with the Pershing Park protests of 2002. Four hundred people were arrested by the UPSS in Washington D.C. on September 27, 2002. The plaintiffs alleged the arrests were illegal. Flashback to that date: it’s the first day of anti-globalization protests. Roughly 400 people