New Lawsuit Claims There is No Ginger in Ginger Ale

According to a new lawsuit filed against Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG), the parent company of Canada Dry, the popular ginger-flavored soft drink doesn’t actually contain ginger. The suit was filed by Julie Fletcher on July 10 and argues she was “misled about the potential health benefits of the ginger-flavored drink.”

Michigan State Sues Insurance Carriers for Nassar Coverage

Michigan State University is suing its insurance carriers for refusing to cover the financial fallout of its recent sexual assault scandal. The university issued a statement announcing the suit last Thursday. It named 13 of its insurance providers as defendants. “We are suing our carriers, including our largest carrier United Educators, for failing to honor

3D-Printed Guns at the Center of Lawsuit Filed by Washington Attorney General

Shortly after Defense Distributed and the company’s owner, Cody Wilson, got the green light to continue publishing “designs and other technical files” for 3D printed guns, lawsuits are already pouring in to stop it. Earlier this week, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit “against the Trump Administration to stop the publication of plans for 3D-printer guns on the Internet.”

$100 Million Lawsuit Filed In Wake of Fatal Duck Boat Incident

In the aftermath of the fatal ‘duck boat’ accident that left 17 people dead, the families of four of the victims decided to file a lawsuit against the tour operator, claiming “Ride the Ducks endangered passengers by letting the boat out on the water after the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area, and that passengers were not told to put on life jackets.” The vessel operated that fateful day was a “World War Two-style tourist ‘duck boat’ that sank on a Missouri lake during a storm earlier this month.”

Nurse Accuses Management and Training Corp. of Negligence

In a new lawsuit filed yesterday, nurse Meshea Rodgers is accusing the “operators of the privately run Wilkinson County Correctional Center in Woodville of negligence for not properly protecting her” when an inmate allegedly “threw boiling urine on her.” The incident resulted in “first-, second- and third-degree burns” for Rodgers, who was a licensed practical nurse at the facility back on July 26, 2016.

Former Professor Slaps Medical College of Wisconsin with a Religious Discrimination Suit

A lawsuit was recently filed by a former Medical College of Wisconsin professor after she was allegedly disciplined for “arriving late to work after attending a religious service on an Islamic holiday and was ultimately terminated as retaliation when she filed a religious discrimination complaint.” The former professor, Zainab Basir, was employed by the medical college for almost “20 years when her contract ended in February.”

Minnesota Supreme Court Revives School Segregation Lawsuit

The Minnesota Supreme Court remanded a high-stakes school segregation lawsuit on Wednesday, one year after an appeals court had thrown the case out. The 4-2 ruling settles a question that had plagued the litigation since its inception: whether the provision of adequate education is an issue best taken up courts or congress. Writing for the