GOP Data Breach is Scarily Irresponsible

Intelligence is gathering lots of useful data. Wisdom is employing a firm that can keep it confidential. Last week’s GOP data breach by their contractor, Deep Root Analytics, shows both: a frighteningly intrusive data set containing highly personal information about the vast majority of registered American voters, combined with a shocking lack of responsibility on the part of the Party of Personal Responsibility.

Seattle Judge OKs Class Action Suit After Immigration Program Delays Muslims’ Citizenship and Immigration Applications

A Seattle judge gave the go-ahead to a class action lawsuit challenging a once-secret government program which delayed Muslims’ citizenship and immigration applications. U.S. District Judge Richard Jones denied a Justice Department motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Wednesday. The Star Tribune reports the case was originally brought to court by the American Civil Liberties

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns Under Pressure as Company Announces and Promises Change

Midway through Tuesday evening, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s larger-than-life co-founder and CEO, resigned. Reportedly under intense pressure from the company largest investors and shareholders, Kalanick helped drive the start-up from an obscure name in the transportation industry to a global behemoth. Kalanick’s leadership saw the rapid expansion of Uber overseas, as well as the weathering of

Nursing Home Alligator Attack Results in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but even harder when a loved one dies unexpectedly, and in a tragic manner. Unfortunately, that is what happened to a 90-year-old grandmother after wandering away from her senior home last July. What happened, exactly? Well, she was attacked and “dismembered” by an alligator, and now her

Dog Owners File Lawsuit Against Evanger’s, Nutripack Amid Recall Concerns

Nearly 40 different pet food and treat items are or have been recalled this year, leaving pet owners feeling a bit uncertain about the safety of the dog or cat food they’re buying for their furry friends. But why were they recalled? In many cases, three brands of dog food, in particular, were recalled “because they contained the euthanasia drug pentobarbital.” Now, the company linked to the three brands of dog food is facing multiple lawsuits, “including a $5 million suit brought by the family that had four dogs fall ill, and one die, after eating food made by Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co Inc. and Nutripack., LLC.”

Two Female Firefighters Sue San Jose for Gender Discrimination

The San Jose Fire Department is under fire for the second time in five years for gender discrimination. Two female firefighters, Chief Patricia Tapia and retired Battalion Chief Debra Ward, are suing the city “for gender discrimination, retaliation and harassment saying they were passed up for promotions because they are women.” Both women claim in the lawsuit that they are “fighting to change the culture of exclusion at the fire department.”

Runaway Beverage Cart Blamed for Causing Brain Injury In Negligence Lawsuit

America’s airlines are not having a good year so far. A negligence lawsuit has been filed against American Airlines Group Inc after a plane “flew to its destination rather than make an emergency landing after a runaway beverage cart struck a passenger’s head during takeoff.” Unfortunately for the passenger, Charles Johnson, the injury left him with a “severe brain injury,” which is why Johnson and his wife are suing the airline for “at least $10 million in damages” over what they’re calling “gross negligence” and “reckless disregard” for their well-being, according to a complaint filed in the federal court in White Plains, New York.