Inmates File Lawsuits Against Lee Correctional Institution Over April Riots

South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution is facing additional lawsuits stemming from an April riot which left seven dead and another seventeen injured. Four lawsuits, described by The State, provide a first-hand account of the riot’s violence. Each of the inmates behind the separate claims were stabbed by gang members—all while correctional officers waited outside the

Did School District Fail to Protect Students From Bullying?

Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed against Thomas H. Dudley Family School in Camden, along with school officials, in response to two disabled children being “repeatedly attacked physically and verbally by a bully” at the school. According to the lawsuit, school officials took no action to prevent or stop the bullying.

Adventureland Hit with Lawsuit Alleging Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

After being the target of workplace harassment and sexual and disability discrimination, a former employee at Adventureland decided to file a lawsuit against the amusement park. The former employee, Alisha Munoz, 29, claimed in the lawsuit that while employed at the amusement park “from May to September 2017, she was harassed by managers because of her medical conditions.”

Jury Sides with Children’s Care Hospital and School in Negligence Lawsuit

Back in 2010, the Children’s Care Hospital and School in Sioux Falls was accused by a family of “improperly restraining an autistic student.” As a result, the family of the student, a boy named Ben, filed a lawsuit against the school “for damages they claim the facility caused their son Ben while he was a full-time resident there for about seven months in 2010.” According to the family, Ben suffered lasting emotional distress and negligence. However, earlier today a jury ruled that the children’s hospital and school was not “negligent in its care and did not cause the student lasting emotional distress.”

Customers Sue McDonald’s for $5M Over Quarter Pounder Cheese

McDonald’s is under fire for serving customers cheese on their Quarter Pounder sandwiches. You heard that right. Earlier this month, two McDonald’s customers, Cynthia Kissner and Leonard Werner, filed a lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale for “$5 million because they say they’re being unfairly charged for cheese they don’t want on their burgers.”

Trump: Undocumented Immigrants Don’t Need Due Process and Courts

Speaking in a Thursday interview, President Donald Trump suggested that the United States should scrap the courts and due process for undocumented immigrants and illegal border-crossers. Calling the system ‘corrupt,’ the commander-in-chief questioned why so many judges are needed to oversee so many deportation cases. “How do you hire thousands of people to be a