Lawsuits Over EpiPen Begin Rolling In Against Mylan

Mylan, a company that came under fire last year for drastically raising their prices of the EpiPen, a lifesaving device used by many across the country, is now back in the news. Despite introducing a generic version of their allergy medication in response to the backlash they received, lawsuits against the company have begun to spring

Oakland Warehouse Fire Seeing First Lawsuits

Earlier this month, a warehouse fire consumed an artist-collective building dubbed the “Ghost Ship” during a music performance and party. Tragically, 36 people lost their lives in what many are calling an accident. Some blame the fire on too many people crammed into a small space already riddled with building-code violations. For others, however, calling

Ohio Supreme Court Tells Child Rape Victims Their Suffering’s Irrelevant

Just over a year ago, I reported on the disgusting decision handed down by an Ohio court in the case of a young woman who was raped by her pastor. Originally, the jury granted her $3.5 million for pain and suffering, but a ridiculous “tort reform” law forced the court to reduce the award due to a mandatory cap on non-economic damages. After a failed appeal, wherein the Fifth District Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s decision, the case was taken to Ohio’s Supreme Court. That esteemed panel of judges recently upheld the damages reduction, essentially telling child rape victims their suffering’s irrelevant.

Navajo to sue EPA over Gold King Spill

While the world was watching the standoff between the local authorities and water protectors at Standing Rock, the Navajo nation was preparing a lawsuit over the fouling of their water. The Gold King mine spill in August of 2015 turned the river a deep yellow and sent toxic pollutants like arsenic and lead coursing through

Mentally Ill Man Shot by Police Officer Settles for $50,000

At approximately 6:15 PM on June 12, 2014, Oklahoma police officer David Jehle shot Marquis Pegues in a laundromat after the two engaged in a physical confrontation, rendering the victim paraplegic. Pegues, who is schizophrenic, was in the middle of a psychotic break when he was shot. In response to the series of unfortunate events,

Denver Man Sues Lab Techs Over Mistaken DNA Evidence

Shawnnon Hale was just 24-years-old on the December morning in 2014 when he received a phone call from Denver police at his grandmother’s house, where he lives, telling him he needed to come to the station for questioning. Hale agreed to be at the station by 10:00 AM, but because he was running late, police

Consumer Review Fairness Act Set to Pass

In a heartening example of government defending the interests of individual citizens over those of predatory businesses, a bipartisan bill that protects consumers who write negative reviews has been passed by unanimous consent by the Senate and is now awaiting President Obama’s signature. The Consumer Review Fairness Act, which was introduced in 2014, was sponsored

Sandy Hook Appeal Will Be Heard By Ct. Supreme Court

An appeal brought by family members of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting will be heard directly by Connecticut’s Supreme Court, as first confirmed last week. The plaintiffs had previously filed a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer, distributor, and retailer used in the massacre, though the case was dismissed by a Bridgeport

NE Debt Collector Settles Class Action Suit for Six Figures

A class action lawsuit filed against Nebraska-based debt collector Credit Management Services has been settled out of court for $198,000. The suit was filed by Nichole and Jason Palmer and Laura Powers in 2011, and accused the debt collection agency of having violated federal law by claiming they could collect attorney’s fees and interest from

School District Settles Civil Molestation Suit With Victim

Three years ago, a young woman posted a video to YouTube wherein she exposed ex-physical education teacher Andrea Cardosa for having molested her while she was a student at Chemawa Middle School in the mid-90s. The video, which showed the then 28-year-old woman confronting Cardosa over the phone, quickly went viral, prompting another former student