Alabama Malpractice Laws Protect Doctors, Not Patients

Imagine receiving a diagnosis of cancer, complete with a treatment protocol that included grueling chemotherapy treatments, radiation and a surgically-placed port in your chest, only to learn a year later you never actually had the disease and were the victim of a misdiagnosis. I think in most cases, patients would not only want answers, but

Company Cheating the Troops is Penalized

It’s bad enough when you have to leave your home and family to go fight in a war. It’s even worse when that makes you a target not just for enemy fire, but also for American scammers. Cheating the troops is a profitable industry, since they are often distracted by duty, economic circumstances, and inexperience.

Coal: Dark Magic

For most of our history as a species, we relied on solar energy in the form of plants, animals, and human muscle. Living plants would use the sun’s light to photosynthesize their own food out of the air. Trees grew woody tissue that could be burned, releasing the collected energy quickly to warm us in the wintertime.

Mylan to Pay $465 Million for Overcharging Medicaid

EpiPen maker Mylan, Inc. has been ripping off Medicare and Medicaid for years but is only now being held accountable for their unethical, unprofessional and deceitful practices; the company has agreed to pay the government $465 million for having overcharged both insurance providers by classifying their drug as “generic,” thus reducing their percentage of the

McDonald’s Employees File 15 Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Fifteen employees from various locations throughout the country have recently filed federal sexual harassment complaints against fast-food giant McDonald’s through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Though the EEOC is legally barred from confirming whether discrimination charges have been filed, a group of workers who are pushing for unionization and higher pay known as “Fight”

NCAA Now Facing 43 Lawsuits Over Football Concussions

Last week, 18 additional class action lawsuits were filed against the NCAA for their alleged mishandling of concussions, bringing the total number to an astonishing 43. The players involved in the cases are seeking damages for injuries they claim are a direct result of concussions they sustained throughout their college football careers that were not

Georgia Faces Lawsuit Over Fining Abuse Victims

On Wednesday, September 5, the Southern Center for Human Rights filed a federal lawsuit in the state of Georgia on behalf of 22-year-old Cleopatra Harris against the city of Columbus, a number of police officers and judge Michael Cielinski after Harris was ordered to pay a fine for refusing to press charges against her boyfriend,

Civil Suit Against Ferguson Police Dismissed

A $40 million civil rights lawsuit filed by protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, against the city’s police force has been dismissed by a federal judge. The suit alleged the attending officers used excessive force during the demonstration, which began in response to the 2014 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed with his hands

Sex Abuse Victim Wins Court Battle Against Priest

In what is being called a “landmark settlement,” a Minnesota woman has won a lawsuit that will prevent the priest who sexually abused her from returning to the ministry in India. Megan Peterson was just 14-years-old when she alleged Father Joseph Jeyapaul raped and assaulted her in her hometown of Greenbush. The abuse took place