Connecticut High-Court Rules against Death Penalty

The Connecticut legislature voted in 2012 to abolish the death penalty, however, that measure only affected future crimes committed in the state. Calling it unconstitutional, Associate Justice Richard Palmer wrote the majority opinion, stating that the death penalty “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate penological purpose.”

New York’s “Responsible Banking” Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday, Judge Katherine Polk Failla issued New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio a notable defeat of a law intended to regulate the community-mindedness of the many financial institutions that inhabit the city. New York’s city council passed the Responsible Banking Act (RBA) in 2012, requiring banks in the

Red Flag for Wrongful Death Suit

Kevin and Pamela Ward filed a claim in the 5th Judicial District for the Supreme Court of New York on behalf of their deceased son, Kevin Ward Jr., who was killed during a race in upstate New York in 2014. Famed NASCAR racer Tony Stewart hit Ward Jr. causing his death. However, the family should

Parent Company of Columbia House Records files for Bankruptcy

Much like A&P supermarkets and that company’s bankruptcy announcement last month, another piece of Americana is close to officially entering its historical enshrinement. Nearly everyone of a certain age has at least once in their life taken advantage/been taken advantage of the Incredible Deal™, 8 cassette tapes or CDs for a penny, by subscribing to

Florida Governor Settles Public-Records Transparency Lawsuit…Again

Recently re-elected Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott agreed to terms with Tallahassee attorney Steven Andrews regarding a dispute over public records disclosure involving a property close to the governor’s mansion. Andrews sued Scott in 2012 after the governor stated his intent to use state funds to buy a building near a property known as “The

How has Ferguson Changed a Year after Michael Brown’s Death?

On Saturday, Michael Brown Sr. led a group of about 100 marchers during a peaceful five-mile journey through the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, accompanied by a state-police escort. The peaceful march was intended to not only commemorate the anniversary of the controversial killing of his son by police officer Darren Wilson a year ago Sunday,

$9.2M Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Award

A Los Angeles jury took just 3.5 hours to deliver a $9.2M Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant award. The award is the first plaintiff’s victory in the hundreds of pending suits against the company for failure to warn and negligent design of a defective product. The trial lasted three weeks. Plaintiff, Gary K., developed complications

Barring Divine Intervention Bill Cosby Will Be Deposed

Things have gone from bad to worse for the fallen star accused of drugging and raping several women. Bill Cosby will be deposed, despite his best efforts to stop it. This deposition will be taken no later than September 30 and involves a suit filed by Judy Huth in December 2014. Huth’s attorney, Gloria Allred,

San Francisco Prohibits Advertising Sugary Beverages

The American Beverage Association sued the City of San Francisco over legislation passed in June that prohibits advertising sugary beverages on city property. The law also requires labels on the products warning of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. The law is one of the most restrictive in the U.S., including such requirements as warnings labels