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McKeen & Associates Files Suit for Botched Colonoscopy

— March 23, 2021

McKeen & Associates attorneys Brian McKeen and Todd Schroeder recently filed suit against Dr. Kambiz Bral; Rochester Endoscopy and Surgery Center; North Oakland Gastroenterology Clinic; and Oakland Digestive Health on behalf of a Macomb county man who is permanently disabled due to a botched colonoscopy procedure. 

The 67-year patient, Roderick Arnold, who suffers from diverticulosis, had visited the emergency room in late 2018, complaining of severe abdominal pain. He subsequently was treated by Dr. Bral who performed a colonoscopy. While the surgeon’s report indicated that many sessile polyps were found – which are concerning for the development of colon cancer – all polyps were placed in one container for laboratory analysis. 

As one of the polyps were determined cancerous– but was not labeled or differentiated — the specific area of the cancerous polyp could not be determined.  Due to this error, Arnold required a full colectomy in January 2019.

Since the colectomy, Arnold experiences severe nausea and cramping and “dumping” syndrome, where his bowels release spontaneously several times a day, severely limiting his activities. 

“The surgery performed on Roderick was far more extensive than needed to be due this physician’s negligent error,” said McKeen. “Had the doctor taken the time to separate the polyps from the colonoscopy as is procedure, a less radical surgery could have been performed and Roderick’s quality of life preserved. As it is, he deals with embarrassment and inconvenience everyday as a result of this very preventable mistake.” 

Logo for McKeen & Associates; image provided by McKeen & Associates.
Logo for McKeen & Associates; image provided by McKeen & Associates.

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