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MultiCare Health System Settles Medical Malpractice Suit for $10M

— January 27, 2020

MultiCare Health System agreed to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Chante Ramirez, the mother of a baby who was left paralyzed after a chemotherapy injection in 2017.

The MultiCare Health System and Pediatrics Northwest decided to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit for $10 million earlier this week that alleged the hospital botched a procedure back in 2017, leaving a baby partially paralyzed. The suit was filed by Chante Ramirez, the mother of the baby who was paralyzed following a 2017 chemotherapy injection. Throughout the suit, her daughter was referred to as J.L.

Wheelchair; image courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay,

When commenting on the recent settlement, MultiCare said:

“We at MultiCare extend our sincere sympathy to the Ramirez family in this difficult situation, and we are so very sorry for their experience. Because of patient privacy, we cannot discuss the specifics of this situation.”

What happened to prompt the lawsuit in the first place, though? It began when J.L. was diagnosed with “acute lymphoblastic leukemia a few months after she was born.” Part of her treatment “included chemotherapy at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital,” according to the suit. On August 3, 2017, the baby was given a chemotherapy injection by a doctor “who worked for Pediatrics Northwest and was an agent/ostensible agent of MultiCare.” Shortly after the injection, Ramirez noticed her daughter was fussier than normal and wasn’t moving her legs much. As a result, she had J.L. evaluated. Unfortunately, she was “diagnosed with paraplegia following a spinal cord injury.”

Prior to the settlement announcement, one of Ramirez’ attorney’s, James Holman, said:

“Plaintiff’s experts and J.L.’s treaters are all in agreement that the lumbar puncture was performed higher than customary and most likely done at the T12-L1 level. The infant spinal cord extends well past the T12-L1 level and well past even an adult spinal cord making this a very dangerous area to put a needle and a clear violation of the standard of care.”

Since the botched procedure, J.L. has had to undergo surgery “and will probably need more hip surgeries to improve her mobility.” Holman added:

 “J.L. is now at the age where she can recognize she is different than other kids…Chante has described taking J.L. to the playground and having to hold her while the other kids chase each other and play tag. J.L. desperately wants to run and play. Instead, her Mom must hold her and help her onto each part of the playground…Every single day, J.L. is reminded that she is different. She is fiercely independent and is frustrated by her inability to do the same things as the other kids in her daycare. While partial paraplegia will place barriers that will stress her and frustrate her, J.L. is a bright child, and will overcome her limitations and will be able to attend school, college, work and raise a family.”


Family of baby paralyzed after medical treatment gets $10 million settlement

Family Receives $10 Million Settlement After Baby Is Paralyzed By Medical Treatment

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