Is there Middle-Ground in the Sanctuary City Debate?

7/8/2015 The senseless killing of 32 year-old Kathryn Steinle, who was shot in the upper torso by a complete stranger, 45 year old undocumented immigrant Francisco Sanchez on July 1st on San-Francisco’s popular Pier 14, has re-inflamed the immigration debate. Sanchez, a seven-time felon, had been deported back to Mexico on five separate occasions, yet

South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag

7/6/2015 In an amazing shift of perspective, South Carolina may finally be willing to abandon its most prominent symbol of Confederate heritage after a three-week public shaming by the majority of the Union. After a 150-year effort to keep alive the spirit of the rebellion that almost destroyed the United States of America, the South

“Gay” Marriage is Dead!

6/26/2015 “Gay” marriage is dead! The Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled today on what is the most impactful civil rights issue of my lifetime. In a 5-4 split, the SCOTUS ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right. “Gay” marriage is dead! Why not “Gay marriage is now legal!”? Simply

Sacramento Superior Court Killed “Kill All Gays” Petition

6/25/2015 Judge Raymond M. Cadei of the Sacramento Superior Court killed “Kill All Gays” petition when he ruled that California AG Kamala Harris did not have to give the infamous Sodomite Suppression Act an official title and summary. This ruling effectively ends the chances of the initiative making it to the California ballot. I bet

Michigan Bill Requires Clergy Solemnize ALL Marriages

6/24/2015 We’re very close to the SCOTUS ruling that many believe will legalize gay marriage and bring us out of the Dark Ages. In a knee-jerk, fear-based reaction, a proposed Michigan bill requires clergy solemnize ALL marriages. The inspiration behind this latest piece of… legislation is RNC Chairman Dave Agema, the man who brought us

Justice Department, New York City Agree on Long-Overdue Rikers Island Reforms

6/23/2015 The Justice Department and New York City officials have reached a preliminary agreement to reform one of the most notorious prisons in the U.S., New York’s Rikers Island Correctional Facility. The agreement comes after the office of U.S. Attorney extraordinaire, Preet Bharara, joined a class-action lawsuit last December regarding police brutality and other abuses.

Will the Confederate Flag finally Fall in South Carolina?

6/22/2015 In the wake of the latest hate-fueled mass shooting of a prominent African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina by 21 year-old racist, Dylan Roof, a major wave of momentum is fomenting towards a longstanding controversy, the public display of the Confederate flag in the state. The controversy over South Carolina’s reluctance to remove the