Rope Snaps in NSA-Spying Tug of War

5/24/2105 ’Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’ Sir Walter Scott could not have written a more apt fictional parable than the legislative mayhem occurring inside of the Capitol this past week regarding the immediate future of the controversial and secretive National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying program. As we

RBG’s Shout-out to the U.S. Constitution

5/22/2015 In the same week that Idiotic RFG questioned Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s faith, the Notorious RBG’s shout-out to the U.S. Constitution was a fabulously shining moment during a gay wedding she officiated. The ceremony was Sunday, May 17. It is widely known that RBG has been a staunch supporter of same-sex equality during her over

Bill Levin has founded the First Cannabis Church

5/19/2015 Celebrating Indiana’s commitment to religious freedom, Bill Levin has founded the First Cannabis Church and is planning a reefer revival in early July. Levin’s plan is to hold the revival the same day the Religious Freedom Restoration Act officially begins. It’s a great test, both of Indiana’s prohibition policy and the extent of the