Scope of the Fifth Amendment

As discussed below, the Supreme Court will decide a case (Chavez v. Martinez) this term that will reconcile different views of the scope of the Fifth Amendment’s protection against un-Mirandized interrogations. CNN has a long and interesting article about the issue presented here.

Disturbing Search Requests (Redux)

As noted below, the Disturbing Search Requests website is one of my favorite diversions. There, smartass bloggers like me post the strange search requests that web surfers type in to search engines to find our websites. I’m now proud to report that WeirdOfTheNews is among the top websites worldwide for the searches “free oral sex peeping letters” and “swimming pool bikini mom.” WooHoo! UPDATE: I’m now number four for the search “sexless marriages” on Google!!!

Dyslexic May Attempt To Pass NY Bar Exam for Sixth Time After Winning Protracted Court Battle

Reading the full story requires a subscription, but the synopsis says: “After failing the New York state bar exam five times, Marilyn Bartlett is considering a sixth attempt, now that the long-running matter of Bartlett v. New York State Board of Law Examiners has been settled in her favor. Bartlett, whose reading ability is severely impaired by dyslexia, will be granted twice the ordinary two days’ time to complete the bar exam, if she takes it again.”

On the one hand, I say go Marilyn! I’m all for accommodations for the disabled and equal rights and whatnot. On the other hand, what client wants a lawyer “whose reading ability is severely impaired by dyslexia”? Doesn’t most of this job consist of extremely careful reading (and writing)? I suppose she can hire an assistant to help overcome the problem . . . . The story can be accessed here.