Lawmakers Demand Answers Over NFL’s Prescription Drug Practices

The NFL has been in the news quite a bit lately due to their prescription drug practices. Now they’re in the news again, and not for anything good. Just recently, a few democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have “reached out to the NFL and the Drug Enforcement Administration, demanding an explanation” of the league’s “prescription drug practices.”

Do NFL Doctors Have Athletes’ Best Interests At Heart?

Concerns over how injured NFL players are treated continues to be an issue for the National Football League, especially now that a leading medical ethicist has asked the question: “are physicians looking out for the health of the players, or are they just trying to keep them on the field?” The question was asked amid allegations that NFL doctors often engage in “questionable, and possibly illegal, use of prescription drugs to manage player pain.”

Settlement Reached Between College Athletes and NCAA

Part of an antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA has been settled, and according to a lawyer for the plaintiffs of the case, “thousands of current and former college athletes could receive $5,000 or more” as a result. The $208.7 million settlement was reached last Friday between the NCAA and 11 conferences in a class-action lawsuit “brought by players over the value of an athletic scholarship.”

NCAA Now Facing 43 Lawsuits Over Football Concussions

Last week, 18 additional class action lawsuits were filed against the NCAA for their alleged mishandling of concussions, bringing the total number to an astonishing 43. The players involved in the cases are seeking damages for injuries they claim are a direct result of concussions they sustained throughout their college football careers that were not

Patriotism Vs. Racism

Tomi Lahren, conservative host of Tomi for The Blaze, has crossed the line. Desperate to  reach the ranks of anchor in a hopeful attempt to replace Megyn Kelly (who dared anger Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump by asking, you know, questions) on Fox News, she went on a tirade about San Francisco’s NFL 49ers quarterback

Dancing With the “Jeah, Brahs!”

Ryan Lochte has officially joined ABC’s upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars.” But before we get into that, let’s take a walk down memory lane for a quick refresher on why this matters in the first place. I’m sure by now, most people have heard about what’s been termed “Lochtegate.” Olympic gold-medalist Ryan Lochte,

College Football Satellite Camp Debate Rages Onward

I have lived my entire life on every possible side of the Ohio State-Michigan college football rivalry, often cited as the greatest rivalry in sports. Through relocations and my admitted disdain for certain SEC-turned B1G (Big Ten) coaches, my loyalties have shifted through the years. I have always respected both programs, and I have made

Will USWNT Labor Dispute Create Equality in U.S. Soccer?

The subculture of sports is by and large dominated by games played by men, at least in America if not most of the world. There are a few exceptions, however, like figure skating, tennis, and especially soccer in which American women have outperformed the men in both in-game success and in overall popularity. Although Major

When will the PGA Tour Reach the Second Tee?

A few years back while transitioning careers, I spent a little time driving a taxi on the beaches near Jacksonville, Florida. One of my frequent customers was an elderly gentleman named Calvin who lived in the golf community of Ponte Vedra. We had chatted about all kinds of things during our trips to the store,