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Protecting Your Rights After a Car Accident: Essential Legal Tips

— June 4, 2024

The amount you will get can give you relief from the medical expenses and the damage caused to the vehicle.

If you met with a car accident and have sustained serious injuries, then thinking about the monetary compensation might be the last thing that will come to your mind. Taking legal action against the driver in an injured condition can be an annoying condition for you, as your complete focus will be on your healing process. However, in case of severe injuries, you may require medical attention for a long duration, which implies hefty medical bills. Also, you need to repair your car, which again requires money.

Going legally against the driver will give you financial relief, as it can cover the cost of your medical bills and car repair. To ensure that you get the desired compensation, there are some steps you must take to fight for your rights in a car accident. Today, we will discuss those steps.

Be safe and report the accident.

You must ensure that you and anyone else present in your car are safe. Go to a secure location without compromising on the accident scene. You must contact the police even in case of a minor accident. A police report will help you in handling legal matters after the accident. The police will document everything, including the accident scene, preliminary fault assessment, and witness accounts. All these things are necessary in legal contexts.

Fetch the information and document the scene.

While waiting for the police to come, you must get the contact number and insurance information of the driver. This includes:

  • Name, address and phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance policy information

You must take photos of the incident scene and take note of every detail.

  • The vehicle involved and its position
  • Any damage to the vehicle
  • Road and environmental conditions, weather and lighting
  • Traffic signals near the accident scene.
  • Injuries sustained by passenger or driver.
  • Car pictures from different angles to show the extent of damage

It would be great if you could find some old pictures of the car before the accident to let the insurance company know about the severity of the damage caused by the accident.

Such information is essential to get insurance claims and deal with legal disputes.

Never admit your fault.

After an accident, you may be worried about the safety of other people. However, remember not to apologize to the other party. If you do so, it implies you accept your fault for the accident, which will compromise your rights. Even if it is your fault, don’t admit it to anyone.

Get medical help

Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via
Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via

Even if you are fine, you must seek medical attention immediately after the accident. There are injuries like internal bleeding and whiplash that may not be apparent immediately. Also, seeking medical advice timely can help you protect legal rights against insurers who may argue that as you waited a long time to get treatment, you aren’t injured much. Also your medical records will be vital if you have decided to go legally against the driver.

Never trust opposite party’s insurance company.

After the accident, the driver’s insurance company may contact you. You must understand that the real aim of any insurance company is to make money. They don’t want to pay the victim. This implies they will try their best to get things against you. Hence the insurance company may ask you about the accident details.  You must let them know that you will consult your attorney before allowing them to know about the incident. Your attorney will help you deal with such conditions and to protect your legal rights. Contact an experienced attorney and follow their suggestions to protect your rights.

Notify your insurance company.

Your insurance company must know about the accident. You must share all the pertinent details with them and expect complete cooperation from them. However, you must be cautious while addressing fault or making any comments, as that might be used against you.

It is a good idea to speak with a legal advisor before informing about the accident to the insurance company or any third-party insurer.

Get repair estimates

Get a repair estimate of your vehicle. The insurance company will send a claim adjuster to get information about your car’s condition and determine the compensation amount. If you have two estimates, you can make an argument with the insurance company for the money required for repair.

Seek advice from a personal injury attorney.

If the accident has led to severe injuries or property damage, then it is advised to consult a Florida personal injury lawyer. A proficient lawyer can let you know your rights, potential compensation and the best action you must take.

Legal representation is necessary, especially if the opposite party goes to court or if there is a dispute over the claimed amount and the accident circumstances.

Keep detailed record

Make a file of entire accident-related records. The file must contain a police report, repair estimates, medical bills and records, photographs, and statements of insurance companies or another third party insurer. These documents are necessary while expecting an insurance claim or a legal proceeding.

Don’t share anything on social media.

Some social media lovers love to share everything on public platforms. However, posting photographs of accidents, vehicles or injuries you sustained should never be posted on social media. Doing this will allow insurance agents to capitalize on your mistakes, and they can use that information against you.


You can never go back and prevent the accident before it damages you and your vehicle. But with the above-mentioned steps, you can legally fight for your rights to get the desired compensation. The amount you will get can give you relief from the medical expenses and the damage caused to the vehicle.

You can contact LaBovick Law Group in case you met with an accident and require legal support. This group has offices in various locations of Florida. It also has office in Massachusetts. Call these professionals as they have handled many severe accident cases successfully.

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