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Xarelto: What are the Things to Keep in Mind?

— February 2, 2022

If you are about to undergo dental work or surgery, let the dentist and surgeon know that you are on this medication.

Simply put, Xarelto effectively blocks clotting activity in the blood. It gets used to prevent or treat blood clots that can occur in the lungs and legs. Blood clots may take placed when you are ailing and not in a position to move around as you do in normal day. It can also develop after you’ve had a hip and knee replacement surgery. 

Things that Xarelto can do

At times, Xarelto gets used to reducing the chance of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis after you got a blood clot treatment for about 6 months. It gets used for people who have atrial fibrillation so that there is less chance of a stroke from a blood clot. Additionally, Xarelto gets used to avert the blood clots in individuals who got hospitalized for severe illness and have a risk of developing blood clots. 

People consume Xarelto with aspirin so that there is a lesser chance of a heart attack, stroke and various other heart issues in individuals with coronary artery disease or peripheral artery disease. You can search online and find out the Xarelto 20mg cost. 

A few warnings you should keep in mind

It would help if you didn’t stop taking Xarelto without speaking with your doctor. Doing that will maximize your chance of getting a stroke or blood clot. Using Xarelto will make it easy to bleed. You should get in touch with your doctor if you find signs of bleeding, like nosebleeds, bleeding gums, abnormal vaginal bleeding, heavy periods, bloody stools, blood in urine, vomit that resembled coffee grounds, coughing up blood, fainting and headaches. 

It’s essential not to use Xarelto if an individual has an artificial heart valve. This medicine can result in a serious blood clot close to the spinal cord if you get spinal anesthesia or a spinal tap. 

How should you intake Xarelto?

Dentist’s office; image via Pxhere, CC0.
Dentist’s office; image via Pxhere, CC0.

It would help if you consumed Xarelto precisely the way your doctor suggested you. Make sure to follow every direction mentioned in your prescription and read through the instruction sheets and medication guides. The doctor can also change the dose occasionally. You need to make use of the medicine as it’s directed. And the number of times you consume this medicine will get based on the cause for which you are using this medicine.

In certain conditions, it’s best to use the medication with food. However, this decides on the tablet strength as well. Make sure to follow the dosing guidance that your doctor provides you. In case you face issues with swallowing the tablet, inform your doctor. It’s also possible to crush the tablet and then mix it with applesauce if there is a need. But make sure to take this medication right after crushing and blending. 

If you are about to undergo dental work or surgery, let the dentist and surgeon know that you are on this medication. In case you need to be on anesthesia for a particular process, you might have to stop taking Xarelto for a short span of time. Don’t make any changes in the dose without consulting the doctor. Ensure that you store the medicine at room temperature where its away from heat and moisture. 

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