Susanna Leighton is a freelance writer and editor based in Southeast Michigan. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Susanna holds degrees in speech pathology and human services. She is a former special education teacher, an avid lover of all things science, and a steadfast supporter of justice and equality for all. She is currently working on her first book of personal essays entitled, 'A Day Leighton, A Dollar Short.'

Students Show Solidarity Toward Muslim Peers at U of M

In a heartwarming show of support and respect for their peers on Monday of this week, students and faculty at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor formed a late night protective circle around Muslim students to ensure they could practice their faith and pray in peace, without fear of being harmed in the increasingly

Patients at Risk of Grave Infections, So Says Hospital Staff

The Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, one of the largest hospitals in San Gabriel Valley, California, has come under fire by its employees who believe poor management and unsanitary conditions are putting patients at risk for serious, sometimes deadly infections. In a report filed by unit staff members of the Service Employees International Union, employees

Megyn Kelly Talks Sexism, Crossing Trump

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly gained a tremendous amount of attention throughout this election year, having been inserted into Donald Trump’s campaign as a prop for his platform of sexism and misogyny rather than for her skills as a reporter at a network famous for its unapologetic bias and disregard for women in general. Surprisingly,

Appeal Filed in Dismissed Sandy Hook Gun Lawsuit

In January of 2015, the families of 10 victims involved in the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which left 20 first-grade children and six educators dead, filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun used by Adam Lanza to carry out the massacre. The suit primarily sought to hold Remington Outdoor Company, among

Victims Receive Settlements From Baltimore Archdiocese

It has been reported several alleged victims of sexual abuse by late priest A. Joseph Maskell have received cash settlements from the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Most of the allegations stem back decades, some as far back as the 60s, during Maskell’s time working at Archbishop Keough High School. Prior to his passing in 2001, Maskell

UPDATE: Brendan Dassey To Finally Walk Free

In a 17-page ruling released Monday, November 14, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Federal Judge William Duffin, who originally overturned ‘Making a Murderer’ subject Brendan Dassey’s conviction in August of this year, ordered the young man be released on his own recognizance, despite the continued protestations of the state’s Attorney General Brad Schimel. When Duffin initially overturned Dassey’s

LAPD Plays Trump Card; Won’t Enforce Deportation

Despite President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, a stance he maintained throughout his campaign (and by all accounts, still plans to enforce upon taking office), the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Charlie Beck, made it clear on Monday, November 14, that the LAPD has no plans to comply with

EpiFail: Gov’t Knew EpiPen Was Misclassified in 2009

As previously reported, Mylan Inc., the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the life-saving EpiPen, misclassified their brand name drug as generic for years, thus deceiving and effectively defrauding governmentally-funded insurance providers Medicare and Medicaid, resulting in millions of dollars in overpayments by taxpayers, all in an effort to save themselves money prior to hiking the price of

Dental Dilemma: O.C. Clinic Facing Lawsuit Over Infections

After countless children experienced severe, life-threatening bacterial and bone infections upon being exposed to dirty water during pulpotomy procedures at the Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim, California, their families are beginning to fight back by filing a civil lawsuit against the clinic. Among other charges, the initial lawsuit alleges the clinic engaged in fraudulent behavior

E-Cigs Linked to Heavier Tobacco Use in Teens

A new study conducted by The University of Southern California has revealed teens who regularly “vape” e-cigarettes are more likely to become heavier, more frequent tobacco users in the future. “Vaping” is the term for puffing on electronic cigarettes, which though devoid of tobacco, still contain highly addictive nicotine. As e-cigs have continued to rise