Asbestos Continues to be a National Threat

Asbestos. The mere mention of the word brings thoughts of “miners, millers & manufacturers or insulators and shipbuilders,” working during a time where there were limited protections. It brings to mind old homes and commercial structures built long ago. But, the worst thing it brings to mind is likely a horrible disease called mesothelioma. Wait! Wasn’t asbestos done away with? Aren’t there regulations in place banning this known carcinogen? Yes, and no. Sadly, mostly no.

Recall Issued After Report Finds Asbestos in Children’s Makeup

Last year and early last month, test results of popular children’s makeup discovered the presence of asbestos, a dangerous chemical that should be nowhere near children’s products. Since the discovery, many have called on the Food and Drug Administration to conduct its own investigation into the tainted cosmetics sold by popular “retailers Claire’s Stores Inc. and Justice Retail.”