Customers to Chipotle: One Burrito, Hold the E. Coli

As more customers report illness after eating at certain Chipotle restaurants in Washington and Oregon, the company is facing more than just negative publicity. One Washington customer is suing the chain for over $75,000 after her burrito bowl allegedly caused her nausea and diarrhea. Her suffering was so severe, she sought treatment at an area hospital.

GM Recalls 1.41 Million Vehicles

GM has issued a recall of over 1 million vehicles due to engine compartment fires. The vehicles are all over 10 years old and the defect has caused roughly 1,200 fires and 19 minor injuries thus far. The automaker is still developing a fix for the defect and will provide the repair at no charge when it’s available. In the meantime, GM suggests parking the vehicles, if possible.

Bart Schwartz Will Oversee GM’s Safety Efforts

The U.S. DOJ just appointed Bart Schwartz to be GM’s monitor overseeing the automaker’s safety efforts in the wake of the ignition switch scandal. The refreshing difference between this appointment and NHTSA’s appointment of Rodney Slater as FCA’s monitor is that Schwartz is actually independent. He comes to the post with no conflicts of interest.

Slater’s FCA Oversight is One Huge Conflict of Interest

NHTSA just appointed a lobbyist working for Takata airbags to oversee Fiat Chrysler’s (FCA) recall of millions of vehicles as an “independent” monitor. Four million of the FCA vehicles recalled were on the list due to defective Takata air bags, yet neither FCA nor Mark Rosekind, head of NHTSA, see a conflict of interest. Really?

Despite Scandal GM Posted Better-than-expected Profits

General Motors seems to have weathered the worst of its ignition switch scandal, at least in investor’s eyes. Despite deep losses in other countries and huge fines at home, the automaker posted better-than-expected quarter three results. CEO Mary T. Barra says the company isn’t completely clear yet, though.

Whole Foods Recalls Listeria Tainted Cheese

Whole Foods Market has voluntarily recalled its Papillon Organic Roquefort cheese due to potential Listeria contamination. Listeria may serious and sometimes fatal infections in the elderly and frail, young children and those with compromised immune systems, such as chemotherapy patients and those with HIV.

Safety 1st Recalled 35,000 Wood Décor Highchairs Due to Fall Risks

Safety 1st recalled about 35,000 highchairs due to fall risks that could result in injuries. f you’ve purchased a Safety 1st Wood Décor highchair, you need to read this post! Safety 1st recalled 35,000 highchairs due to fall risks. The recalled highchairs are in the Wood Décor line and include the Casablanca (#HC144BZF), Gentle Lace (#HC229CZF) and Black Lace (#HC229CYG) models. The model numbers can be found printed under the highchair seat.

Are Criminal Charges against Volkswagen Imminent?

Clarence Ditlow, executive director for the Center for Auto Safety said,”The damage to Volkswagen is going to last for years. This was so clearly a deliberate act by executives at Volkswagen that there needs to be criminal penalties.”

Volkswagen Emissions Fallout Begins: and it’s Really, Really Bad

Tangible damage has already begun on a grand scale for the company since the announcement, as its stock has plunged over 35 percent by midday trading on Tuesday, including closing down 18 percent on Monday, already dropping the company’s value by nearly $17 billion even before Tuesday’s announcement. The scandal and costs associated with EPA-ordered recall will likely cost the company at least that much factoring in federal penalties from the U.S. as well as in other nations. In addition, the amount of civil liability and class-action lawsuits could also range in the billions.

Class I Recall SynCardia Systems Freedom Driver

The FDA issued its most serious level of recall, a Class I, on SynCardia Systems Total Artificial Heart Freedom Driver due to a potentially deadly defect.Part of the driver may fail, causing the artificial heart to stop pumping blood. This can result in serious injuries, up to and including death, if the patient is not immediately connected to a new driver.