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CBD & Exercise: Benefits & Dosage

— January 24, 2020

For many thousands of years, humans have been using cannabis for plenty of health purposes . The recent research is still uncovering the beneficial uses of CBD in various ways.

CBD & exercise is quickly becoming the new fitness trend. CBD or cannabidiol has already become a hype all over the U.S. for various reasons. 

Many athletes prefer treating their pain with CBD after their exercise for reducing the bodily inflammation. This has proven to be very effective for them.

Various bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are gradually uncovering CBD’s all-natural support & recovery properties. And you will too, once you discover the lack of disadvantages of CBD, you yourself will get to know the major benefits along with regular exercise. 

Getting fit and growing muscle is no easy task. Fitness enthusiasts will often feel their muscles after a workout and will often say: ‘that’s completely normal.’ it simply the sign of growing muscle. Many people even embrace that feeling of muscle soreness. For those who don’t there are uncountable benefits of CBD, some of which are mentioned below. 

Potential Fitness Benefits of CBD 

For many thousands of years, humans have been using cannabis for plenty of health purposes . The recent research is still uncovering the beneficial uses of CBD in various ways. The hemp plant (non-psychoactive cannabis) is currently in trend to use its extract, CBD, to aid multiple symptoms of mental and physical health and boost energy. Therefore it has the potential to enhance workout performance . 

Let’s check out the potential fitness benefits of CBD in detail: 

Aiding Muscle Recovery
CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that may make CBD a useful recovery supplement. Heavy workouts & competitions bring you damage in muscle tissue, which in turn, causes inflammatory conditions. CBD recovery helps fast by repairing the damaged tissue and builds up to be stronger muscle tissue.

Man holding black Rogue weight plate; image by Victor Freitas, via
Man holding black Rogue weight plate; image by Victor Freitas, via

Reducing Pain & Inflammation
CBD oil is very helpful in reducing all types of pain. Anyone who works out daily knows the inflammatory pains which are not unusual after particularly hard physical work. So, CBD provides you the best treatment of your regular bodily pain by inducing you the beneficial properties of anti-inflammatory effects so as to relax your muscles.

Mitigating symptoms of Anxiety/Stress 

Another indirect way that CBD can boost workout or regular exercise and confer some fitness benefits by mitigating symptoms of anxiety and stress. Most people confront many challenges in their lives which bring mental pressure & stress and eventually lead to anxiety. So, CBD supports you by reducing nervousness , stress, mental discomfort, and improves cognitive function. Hence, people who used CBD were noticed ahead in their performance as compared to people who did not consume CBD. 

Inducing Better & Sound Sleep 

It is so commonly acknowledged by people when we take proper sleep , our performance automatically becomes better. So, if CBD can improve our sleep, it can directly boost our potential to perform. According to many types of research, it has been evidently proved that CBD can directly affect your sleep by interacting with several receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the brain; though more research is needed to clarify this subject in depth. But, CBD certainly possesses the potential for people who suffer from irregular sleep and helps them to get more and better sound sleep. 

Improving Regular Performance 

The subject of CBD and fitness might become a little contentious. On the other hand, for some people, CBD induces more power & energy and hence enhance their regular performance abilities.

This is because CBD can potentially relieve from Inflammation & pain, which in turn can lead you to have faster recovery from work-out damage. Therefore, this recovery can help to improve their regular capacity and duration of the workout, so in that way, you can say CBD is a powerful remedy for the  freak for fitness type of people. 

Dosage for CBD & Exercise
The most preferred dosage that works for most people according to doctors is 25 mg per day. For healthy people, this dosage is suitable for maintaining a proper balance. However, if you are working heavily, it probably not be enough. 

Just to make sure your muscles do not damage during extreme training and to ensure the quickest recovery from a workout, you are required to take at least 100 mg per day . 

An observation has been made on people from fitness communities that those who have started using CBD shared their experience of consuming this magical medicine. They take 50 mg dosage twice a day, once in the morning & again during the evening. 

This supports you with recovering & repairing your muscles from the last workout session and also helps to enhance your motivational potential and make you ready for the next level. 

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