New Year’s Day Brings Tear Gas, Chaos to U.S.-Mexico Border

Chaos again erupted along the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday, as federal agents used tear gas to control what one official described as a “violent mob” of migrants. Reuters reports that ‘clouds of noxious gas’ could be seen wafting above a Tijuana border fence. One migrant purportedly picked up a tear gas canister and tossed it back

Federal Workers’ Union Sues Trump Administration on Shutdown

A federal workers’ union launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration on Monday, claiming the White House is illegally insisting that some government employees work without pay. USA Today reports that the American Federation of Government Employees announced the lawsuit Monday, two weeks after Washington went into a partial shutdown. The union—the largest representing federal

Government Shutdown Slows Suit Against Border Patrol’s ‘Icebox’ Holding Cells

A partial government shutdown is likely to delay an Arizona lawsuit challenging U.S. Border Patrol’s ‘icebox’ holding cells. reports that living conditions in some Border Patrol detention centers have attracted heightened scrutiny. Within the past month, two Guatemalan children died within days of being arrested. Although a federal judge ordered the agency to improve

Kroger Co. Recalls Shrimp Over Food-Borne Illness Concerns

If you’re planning on serving a platter of shrimp cocktail at your New Years Eve party, you might want to double check where your shrimp is coming from. Earlier this week, Kroger Co. issued a recall of “nine different kinds of cooked shrimp that actually is raw or under-cooked, raising the risk of food-borne illness.” The