Naval Hospital Jacksonville Under Fire for Leaving Needle in Woman’s Spine Following C-Section

A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed by Cronin & Maxwell, a Jacksonville-based law firm, on behalf of a mother who had a needle left inside her spine when she underwent a C-section 15 years ago. The suit was filed against the Naval Hospital Jacksonville and alleges the medical facility “covered up a medical mistake by leaving three centimeters of a broken needle inside” Amy Bright’s spine. Despite the fact that Bright had her C-section 15 years ago, she just learned last year that the needle was “still lodged in her spine.”

Lex Machina Launches ERISA Legal Analytics Module

ERISA case outcomes are not employer-friendly, according to Lex Machina data. To protect companies when litigation over a company-sponsored benefits plan arises, attorneys need to be able to find and analyze similar cases that have appeared before their judge in order to develop the best legal strategies. The ERISA module provides data-driven insights and trends

Racial Discrimination Suit Against Charter Communications May Proceed, Judge Rules

Earlier this month, a racial discrimination lawsuit was filed against Charter Communications by an African-American entrepreneur and entertainer, Byron Allen, that just got the go-ahead from a federal court that it may proceed. The lawsuit itself alleged that Charter Communications treated Entertainment Studios poorly compared to white-owned companies. According to Judge Milan Smith Jr., the

African-American Factory Workers Sue General Motors

Nine African-American workers say they faced regular racism and severe harassment at General Motors Co.’s Toledo, OH, factory. The Toledo Blade reports that the nine employees—some of whom have since left GM—claim the company allowed overt racism, lending to a hostile work environment and fear-infused atmosphere. A lawsuit filed by the group claims that complaints

Bullied Iowa Student Settles With Waukee Schools

An Iowa student whose parents say she was bullied without consequence has reached a settlement with her local school district. The Des Moines Register reports that the parents of 11-year old Berkley Maschka filed a federal lawsuit against Waukee Community School District, claiming its administrators did nothing to protect the girl from ongoing harassment. When

Baltimore Lawsuit Wants Immigrants Back on Public Benefits

Baltimore is filing a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that President Trump’s penalization of legal immigrants who use public benefits has had a profoundly negative effect on local communities. The Washington Post reports that Baltimore believes the administration’s expanded definition of ‘public charges’ is threatening the city’s immigrants and its efforts toward revival. “The

2018 Top Product Liability Cases

Defective products injure thousands of Americans every year. Depending on the product and the damage/injury that it caused, identifying the liable parties can be extremely complicated. There are a number of important product liability cases, many of which reached a verdict or settlement recently. Highlighted below are some of the top cases and issues so

L’Oréal Accused of Discrimination and Toxic Work Environment in Latest Suit

L’Oreal Cosmetics was recently hit with a lawsuit by a former employee over allegations of racial discrimination and a toxic work environment. The former employee, Amanda Johnson, is an African American woman who worked as a marketing vice president for the cosmetic company. However, not long after starting her job with the company, she learned that there was an alleged ugly side to the company.