Kentucky’s Attorney General Sets Trial Date for Marathon Petroleum Price Gouging Case

Kentucky’s attorney general says the state is continuing its case against Marathon in a lawsuit that’s over a decade old. reports that the litigation was first filed by former Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo in 2007. Brought against Marathon Petroleum, the suit accuses the nationwide distributor of illegally increasing the price of gasoline in

Six New York Hospitals Agree to Repay Patients Illegally Charged for Rape Examinations

Last month, six hospitals in New York agreed to repay sexual assault victims who were illegally forced to pay for their own rape examinations, sometimes to the tune of $3,000 when the procedure should have been “billed to the state or their insurers.” According to Attorney General Barbara Underwood, the hospitals “wrongly billed victims for at least 200 forensic rape exams in recent years and had collections agencies go after some women who failed to pay.”

Clothing Supplier Sues LuLaRoe for $49M Over Failure to Pay Bills

Many people know of LuLaRoe for its stylish clothing items. However, few may be aware that the company recently came under fire in a new lawsuit alleging it hasn’t been paying all of its bills lately. According to the lawsuit filed in a California Superior Court, LuLaRoe’s chief clothing supplier, Providence Industries, “is suing the company for nearly $49 million in a lawsuit claiming the multi-level marketing company has failed to pay its bills for seven months.”

Lawsuit Between UC Berkeley and Young America’s Foundation (YAF) Reaches Settlement

Earlier this month, UC Berkeley announced that it agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against the school involving allegations of discrimination “against high-profile speakers invited by conservative student groups.” The suit was filed back in April 2017 by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and alleged that the university violated their First Amendment rights, among others. According to the settlement agreement, the university will pay “a one-time $70,000 payment to cover the plaintiff’s attorney costs, as well as a revision of the campus Major Events Policy.”

Judge Rules in Favor of Breastfeeding Mother After Wrongful Termination

A judge in Merrimack County recently ruled in favor of a mother who sued the New Hampshire Department and Health and Human Services over allegations of wrongful termination. According to the lawsuit, the mother requested breastfeeding accommodations at her job. She was eventually “fired in September 2012 due to unresolved issues concerning when and where she could breastfeed her newborn son during the workday.”