Denver Law Firm Agrees to Settle Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Former Employee

The Bendenelli Law Firm in Denver, Colorado recently agreed to pay a former legal assistant $30,000, ending a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC), the law firm hired the former legal assistant, Jennifer Rodriquez, back in January 2017. After only 10 days on the job, “she told the law firm she was pregnant and she was fired the next day.”

Appeals Panel Poised to Revive Sarah Palin Defamation Suit

A federal appeals panel may revive a defamation suit filed by former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Court Circuit of Appeals in Manhattan seemed poised to rule in favor of Palin on Friday. Filed against the New York Times, the suit was scrapped last year after another court had

Spotify Named as Defendant in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed earlier this month against Spotify accuses the music company of partaking in “systemic gender discrimination, defamation, equal pay violation, and of firing a former employee to cover up ethical lapses by her superior.” The suit was filed in New York Supreme Court by a former female sales executive, Hong Perez.

U.S. EEOC Slaps Walmart Inc. with Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

Earlier today the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against Walmart Inc. over allegations that the company forced pregnant employees at a “Wisconsin warehouse to go on unpaid leave and denied their requests to take on easier duties.” The EEOC is an agency responsible for enforcing laws meant to protect employees in the workplace from discrimination, including pregnancy discrimination. According to reports from the agency, a Walmart “distribution center in Menomonie, Wisconsin, has discriminated against pregnant employees since 2014.” As a result, the EEOC claims the company violated federal laws that “requires employers to accommodate workers’ pregnancies in the same way as physical disabilities.”

Southwest Sued Over Alleged ‘Whites-Only’ Breakroom in Houston Airport

A former Southwest Airlines employee is suing the regional carrier, saying his coworkers created a ‘whites-only’ breakroom at a Houston airport. The supposedly segregated breakroom—known by employees as the ‘W.B.’—had allegedly been around for years. Plaintiff Jamel Parker says the company knew about the room at William B. Hobby Airport and tolerated its existence. “Although

Nashville’s Metro Council Approves $130k Civil Rights Settlement

Nashville’s Metro Council approved a $130,000 civil rights settlement on Tuesday, ending a lawsuit that began with a 2011 arrest. Andrea Miller’s settlement with former Metro Nashville police officer Woodston Maddox brings one of the city’s largest civil rights settlements in recent history. The agreement awards Miller $50,000 in damages and reimburses ‘reasonable’ attorneys’ fees

Prison Legal News Takes Magazine Lawsuit to Supreme Court

Attorneys for the monthly magazine Prison Legal News have taken their First Amendment lawsuit to the Supreme Court, arguing that corrections officials are unfairly barring inmates from accessing the publication. The magazine filed a petition last week, asking the Supreme Court to hear its case against the Florida Department of Corrections. Florida, says Prison Legal