Does Rachael Ray Nutrish’s ‘Natural’ Dog Food Contain a ‘Potentially Harmful’ Herbacide? One Lawsuit Says Yes.

What kind of dog food do you feed your fur baby? If it’s anything from the Rachael Ray Nutrish’s dog food line, you may be interested to learn that a class-action lawsuit was recently filed against the company. According to the suit filed on August 1 against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC dba Rachael Ray Nutrish, plaintiff Markeith Parks claims “the company’s Super Premium Food for Dogs bills itself as ‘natural,’ but actually contains the ‘potentially harmful’ herbicide glyphosate

Rose Acre Farms Inc., DOJ Reach Settlement Over Unfair Employment Practices Suit

A lawsuit between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Rose Acre Farms Inc. over “unfair immigration-related employment practices” reached a settlement yesterday on August 6. The suit was filed by the DOJ back in November 2012 when it accused the farm, which is the “second largest egg producer in the nation, of violating the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) by discriminating against non-U.S. citizens who were work-authorized.”

Lawsuit Targets Florida Orange Juice, Alleges It’s Not ‘All Natural’

In a new lawsuit, Alexandra Axon, challenges “the Lake Wales juice processor’s claim that its premium product, Florida’s Natural Growers orange juice, is indeed ‘natural’ as declared in its name and images on the OJ carton.” Why does she think the OJ isn’t all natural? Well, she claims the “acts of processing the juice and trace levels of a common herbicide in it mean the product cannot claim to be natural.”

Deaconess Gateway Hospital Hit with Lawsuit After Infant’s Death

Deaconess Gateway Hospital is at the center of a new lawsuit in connection with the death of an infant. The infant death case was filed by attorneys David Miller and George Barnett earlier this week in Federal Court on behalf of Amanda Moore and Braden Whitfield. The couple lost their seven-day-old daughter, Aerabella Whitfield at Deaconess Gateway in 2016 after the hospital failed to perform tests and provide adequate treatment that may have saved her life.

Immigrants Sue U.S. Government Over Harsh Conditions in Prison

Immigrants launched a lawsuit against the United States government on Wednesday, alleging harsh conditions at a federal prison used to house undocumented aliens. Filed in a federal court in Riverside, CA, the suit says conditions at the medium-security facility are too stringent for detainees simply awaiting trial. Many of the incarcerated are asylum-seekers whose applications