Lawrence Lessig: Rock Star of the Information Age

“LAW professors rarely boast an army of �fans�, but Lawrence Lessig is no run-of-the-mill academic. Now at Stanford University, formerly at Harvard, Mr Lessig has become a rock star of the information age, mixing scholarly inquiry with barnstorming activism on many issues. A Ralph Nader of the Internet, he fights against the mighty corporations that want to squeeze the vitality out of the web, trampling consumers in the name of Mammon. Were his target a cigarette company, say, Hollywood would already be making �Lessig, the movie�. Instead, it has branded him a cultural anarchist bent on justifying the rampant theft of others’ property in the name of �openness��ie, a direct threat to its bottom line. This week, Mr Lessig landed another blow, arguing his case before America’s Supreme Court.”

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