Confidential Settlement Reached Between Hospital and Family, Ending Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A settlement was recently reached between Concord Hospital and the family of Molly Banzhoff, ending a wrongful death suit the family had filed against the medical center. According to court records, the suit was settled back in mid-October. It was originally filed after the child, who was 13-years-old at the time of her death in the spring of 2016, “died of complications from an undetected brain tumor.”

Government Shutdown Slows Suit Against Border Patrol’s ‘Icebox’ Holding Cells

A partial government shutdown is likely to delay an Arizona lawsuit challenging U.S. Border Patrol’s ‘icebox’ holding cells. reports that living conditions in some Border Patrol detention centers have attracted heightened scrutiny. Within the past month, two Guatemalan children died within days of being arrested. Although a federal judge ordered the agency to improve

Class Action Accuses Expedia of Racketeering and Fraud

Attorneys filed a class action suit against travel booking juggernaut Expedia last week, alleging that the company overcharges customers on taxes and fees. Seattle Pi reports that Expedia is accused of ‘levying taxes beyond what’s required by local jurisdictions for hotel rooms and pocketing the proceeds.’ This isn’t the first time the website’s run afoul

Kroger Co. Recalls Shrimp Over Food-Borne Illness Concerns

If you’re planning on serving a platter of shrimp cocktail at your New Years Eve party, you might want to double check where your shrimp is coming from. Earlier this week, Kroger Co. issued a recall of “nine different kinds of cooked shrimp that actually is raw or under-cooked, raising the risk of food-borne illness.” The

Seattle West Coast Dockworker May Claim Pregnancy Discrimination in Potential Lawsuit

A pregnancy discrimination charge was recently filed against the Port of Seattle after a female longshore worker claimed she was “discriminated against while pregnant.” The woman, who has remained anonymous so far, “is the latest dockworker to claim pregnancy discrimination.” At the time the most recent charge was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “six other female workers at various West Coast ports” had also filed pregnancy discrimination charges. The women are being represented by “the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Southern California, the private law firm Outten & Golden and Los Angeles attorney Brenda Feigen.”

Wild Horse Sanctuary Loses Lawsuit Involving Conservation Easement

Earlier this month, the South Dakota Supreme Court rejected a wild horse sanctuary’s attempt to “rid itself of a conservation easement.” The horse sanctuary, known as the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, is located in southern Black Hills near Hot Springs. According to an opinion filed on Wednesday and written by Chief Justice David Gilbertson, the court “affirmed an earlier circuit court dismissal of a lawsuit from the Institute of Range and the American Mustang, which operates the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.”