Rear Seat Danger Ignored by NHTSA

Imagine replacing your car seats with lawn chairs. Or cardboard. How safe would those changes be if you were in a rear-end crash? Safe enough according to the federal government! Rear Seat Danger Ignored by NHTSA.

Former VW Employee is Suing Over Data Deletion

Another lawsuit has been filed against Volkwagen U.S. pertaining to the emissions scandal. This one isn’t on behalf of an upset car owner, though. This time a former VW employee is suing over data deletion. Specifically, that he lost his job due to his efforts to stop the company from deleting data illegally.

GM Recalled 1,750 Sedans Pickup Trucks over Faulty Airbags

A new but not Takata-related airbag recall was issued today. GM recalled 1,750 sedans, midsize pickup trucks over faulty front airbags placed in the vehicles’ steering wheels. The recall was issued today along with a stop-sales order, which forbids dealers from selling the affected vehicles until the defect has been repaired.

VW Claims Former CEO May Have Ignored 2014 Diesel Warnings

One of Volkswagen’s main goals at the International Motor Show, held in Geneva from March 3 – 16, is keeping and rebuilding customers’ trust. According to reporter David Pollard, VW’s emissions scandal is a big topic, drawing fire even from the CEOs of VW’s rivals. VW claims former CEO may have ignored 2014 diesel warnings.

Toyota Just recalled Another 331K Vehicles Due to Takata Airbags

The recall total caused by defective airbag inflators continues to rise as Toyota just recalled another 331K vehicles due to Takata airbags. The faulty inflators can rupture – and not only during impact when one would expect them to do so – with incredible force propelling shrapnel into the vehicles’ passenger cabins similar to the way a Claymore anti-personnel mine functions.

Ford Recalls 51K Transit Wagons

It appears that 2015 may lose its place in history as the year of the recall. As NHTSA continually adjusts its estimates of the numbers of vehicles to be recalled over the Takata airbag crisis, other recall issues are emerging, too. In this one, Ford recalls 51K transit wagons due to problems with the rear seat belts potentially not latching properly.