Happy Turing Thanksgiving as Daraprim’s Price Cut 50%

Turing Pharmaceuticals is lowering the price of the important toxoplasmosis drug, Daraprim, by 50%. This is a cause for thanksgiving, as Martin Shkreli, the company’s CEO, raised the per pill price from $13.50 to $750.00 when Turing bought the rights to the drug. It will now cost $375.00 per pill. The price could still be better, but it is Thanksgiving, so we know to expect a turkey and Martin Shkreli doesn’t disappoint.

Press Release: Essure E-Sisters Back in Washington DC

“We have started a grassroots movement to get an unsafe medical device off the market. Our fight to get PMA revoked from Essure is gaining rapid traction.” The amazing women of Essure Problems are hitting the road to DC to lobby for the revocation of Bayer’s pre-emption status for its dangerous Essure “permanent” birth control.

Judge Dismissed Wrongly Joined Defendants from Actavis Androderm MDL

A federal judge dismissed two co-defendants from the Androderm testosterone products liability MDL last week. One, the parent company of the other Actavis defendants, was dismissed for having no actionable role in the Androderm issue. The other, Watson Laboratories, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, was dismissed because it was named in error. Its name is virtually identical to that of the properly named co-defendant, Watson Laboratories, Inc. a DELAWARE Corporation. Watson Delaware is now called Actavis Laboratories UT, Inc.

Wake Up! How Many Essure Victims is Enough?

This video is a small sampling of a subset of patients who were implanted with Bayer’s Essure “permanent” birth control device. The known subset totals 24,000 women and counting. Those women who haven’t gone public or who may not even know that Essure is the source of their problems, aren’t included in that number.

Despite Contrary Evidence Doctors Still Promote Essure

Despite evidence to the contrary (24,000+ women’s stories), doctors are still promoting Bayer’s Essure “permanent” birth control device. This video is not, as one would expect, from the early days of Essure. It was published last year. In it, the doctor states that Essure is 100% effective as a contraceptive. Not even Bayer says that!

Essure Death

This video is two years old. Two. Years. Since then, the death toll (known to me at the time of writing) is seven. This doesn’t count women who have taken their own lives rather than continue to suffer. Two. Years. In that time, Bayer continues it’s canned responses and the FDA held a hearing. That’s pretty much

Bayer Backing Homophobia?

Bayer, the maker of the Essure “permanent” birth control implant, is sponsoring a medical conference in Armenia. The conference, “Health-related issues of quality of life,” is co-sponsored by the Armenian Association of Young Doctors. The AAYD uses Bayer’s name in its PR campaigns for the conference, which sends a message that Bayer agrees with AAYD’s message. AAYD’s current president is a raving homophobe who wants to see LGBTQ people burned alive. While Bayer disavows support of this view in private messages to another blogger, it has to date refused to issue a public statement leading many of us to wonder if Bayer supports homophobia.