Boston Scientific Used Counterfeit Resin in Vaginal Mesh Product

It reads like something out of an espionage thriller: major medical device company smuggles counterfeit materials into the U.S. and causes massive injuries to an unsuspecting public. Unfortunately, it’s far from fiction. A West Virginia plaintiff is suing claiming medical device maker Boston Scientific used counterfeit resin in vaginal mesh product.

Lipitor Litigation’s Last Gasp?

Pfizer may have got a lucky break in the Lipitor multidistrict litigation (MDL). The popular statin drug used to treat high cholesterol has been linked to the development of type-2 diabetes. Based on a recent judicial order, the Lipitor MDL plaintiffs may be facing summary judgment in Pfizer’s favor. Is this Lipitor litigation’s last gasp?

Did Bayer Violate FDA Rules Regarding Essure?

Over 25,000 women (and many men, too!) around the U.S. are holding their collective breath waiting for a federal judge in Philadelphia to decide whether five suits against Big Pharma giant Bayer will proceed. The focus of the cases: did Bayer violate FDA rules regarding Essure? If the cases move forward and the plaintiffs win,

Antibiotic Overuse Creates Health Problems

It’s that time of year, the dreaded cold and flu season. Many of us are used to heading for the doctor’s office at the first change of color in our mucus or for persistent coughs. Sometimes, these trips are proper. I had an upper respiratory infection the week before Christmas and my doctor gave me symptom-managing prescriptions that made life bearable. She did not, however, give me antibiotics; this was also the proper course of action. Antibiotic overuse creates health problems and isn’t always beneficial in treating the original illness.

Merck Feels Pain of Securities Settlement

One of the U.S.’ Big Pharma giants is opening the checkbook over an old drug, but this time the investors are getting the payout. Merck feels pain of securities settlement over now-recalled Vioxx pain reliever. The $830M settlement brings to a close a federal class action suit in which Merck’s investors claim the company didn’t adequately inform them of the risk of heart disease caused by Vioxx.

Dangerous Devices: Bard IVC Filters and Bayer Essure

As promised, this second installment of the Bard Recovery and G2 series filter story takes a look at one man’s experiences. I’ll also take a look at Bard’s and the FDA’s responses to this issue and compare them to those made by Bayer and the agency in the Essure issue. It’s interesting to see the similarities between these two dangerous devices: Bard IVC filters and Bayer Essure.

Essure Story – Kim Lira Huddleston

The video is about 30 minutes long and well worth the time. I find many things about her to be remarkable, but perhaps the biggest thing is her desire to help others who are also suffering. It’s such a priority for her that she made this video shortly before leaving for the hospital to have her hysterectomy. Here then is Essure Story – Kim Lira Huddleston.

Waters vs. Women: Plastic Beads and PET Fibers

The Act’s passage is a good thing for the environment, as these plastic beads are destructive to our lakes. Essure, Bayer’s “permanent” birth control device, contains polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. These fibers are destructive to the human body, yet were approved for use in Essure, a permanent implant. It seems to boil down to waters vs. women: plastic beads and PET fibers. Now, environmental protection is a great thing, but so is protecting patient lives.

Essure User Still Got Pregnant

Thank you to the Chicago Tribune for today’s video. Meet Ellen Hanrahan and her daughter, Leena. Despite Bayer’s promises of near 100% efficacy, Ellen, an Essure user, still got pregnant. Various studies show Essure’s failure rate as closer to 10%, roughly 15 times that of tubal ligation.