Is Facebook Guilty of Age Discrimination?

Discrimination is never acceptable, especially in the workplace. In recent months we’ve seen a lot of stories about racial and gender discrimination in the news, and while it’s become almost common to learn of another lawsuit being filed against, say, Fox News or CNN, news of a discrimination lawsuit being filed against an inclusive organization may be a bit more difficult to believe. Over the years Facebook has made a name for itself as being inclusive and welcoming to all, at least that’s what many thought. However, two new age discrimination lawsuits have some wondering just how inclusive the social media giant is when it comes to age.

California Nonprofit Wants Cancer-Warning Labels on Coffee

Many might be surprised to learn that there has been a long-running dispute in California over whether or not morning cups of coffee should come with cancer warnings. From packaged coffee beans to coffee-house lattes and mochas, one non-profit, the Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT), believes the public should be made aware of “the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide” floating around in their cups of joe. In its quest to warn the public, CERT filed a lawsuit against more than 90 companies, including Starbucks, retail shops, and grocery stores.