Top Scientists Accuse the Salk Institute of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is back in the news. This time two top scientists have decided to sue their employer, the Salk Institute, because they believe that “they and other women have suffered long-term gender discrimination at the renowned California research center.” According to Vicki Lundblad and Katherine Jones, the two women suing the institute, the California research center “has long been an “old boys club.” The women described the culture at the Salk Institute as “a culture where women are paid less, not promoted and denied opportunities and benefits simply because they are women.”

City of Battle Creek Agrees to $161K Settlement With Former BCPD Employees

Two former employees of the Battle Creek police department have agreed to a $161,000 settlement with the city of Battle Creek. The announcement was made only three days before a trial in federal court was supposed to begin regarding the “former employees’ claims of breach of an employment contract” after they were fired for partaking in what the city called an inappropriate relationship.

Red Light Camera Dispute Settled for $39M

A multi-million dollar settlement has been reached between the city of Chicago and “motorists who received tickets from the city’s controversial red light camera system.” Though the settlement is still awaiting final approval from city council, it is expected to pay out “$39 million to people who received and/or paid red light camera tickets.” According to the settlement, $27 million will be issued in the form of refunds, while the other $12 million will be in the form of “debt forgiveness for those who did not pay the ticket.”

NY Attorney General Subpoenas All Lawsuits Filed By National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is opening an investigation into the collection practices of the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts, which is among the largest owners of private student debt in the country. On Wednesday, Schneiderman’s office sent subpoenas requesting information on every collection lawsuit ever filed by National Collegiate’s trusts against New York