Playground Accident Prompts Chicago Park District To Consider Settlement

Families take their children to playgrounds all the time. What they don’t count on happening is their children having an accident while playing. Unfortunately for one family, this is exactly what happened back in September of 2014 when a young girl was injured “when she fell on a metal spike at a Lawndale park playground” in Chicago. The accident resulted in the spike striking her forehead, opening a gash over her right eye. Though the accident happened a few years ago, the Chicago Park District board is considering a $100,000 settlement for the child.

Settlement Reached for 2 Men Wrongfully Convicted of 1980 Fire

A settlement has been reached between New York city and state officials and two men wrongly convicted of setting a fire back in 1980. The fatal fire itself took place in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and tragically claimed the lives of a mother and her five children. So far the settlement is estimated at $31 million to settle claims that the two men were unjustly prosecuted.

Settlement After NYPD Illegally Targeted Muslims for Surveillance

The New York City Police Department has agreed to settle in a lawsuit which alleged the NYPD illegally targeted Muslims for surveillance. The litigation was originally filed in 2013 following numerous complaints that the Department was stalking Muslims and infiltrating mosques. Ever since September 11th, 2001, the police had been actively monitoring the greater Islamic

Is the Trump University Lawsuit Really Settled?

Shortly after President Trump was sworn in as our 45th president, he appeared to settle fraud claims stemming from his real estate seminar program at Trump University, otherwise known as the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, by shelling out $25 million. He agreed to settle in order to resolve all of the claims and “to avoid a trial and distractions to his presidency.” However, a former student may throw all that to the wind.

Big Settlement for Children of Immigrant Killed by Border Patrol

A judge in California tentatively approved a $1 million settlement for the children of an illegal immigrant killed by Border Patrol agents in 2010. Six years ago, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and his brother were caught by Border Patrol agents trying to cross into the United States near Otay Mesa, California. According to the lawsuit, Rojas was