Wisconsin Dairy Business Association Settles Lawsuit with Environmental Officials Over Regulations

A settlement has been reached between Wisconsin environmental officials and the Dairy Business Association after members of Wisconsin’s dairy industry filed a lawsuit “alleging the agency was over-regulating large livestock farms.” The lawsuit itself was filed back in July and claimed the “state Department of Natural Resources had stopped allowing concentrated animal feeding operations to pass runoff through vegetation patches to filter pollution without going through the administrative rule-making process.”

Court Refuses to Revive Defamation Suit Against Bill Cosby

A federal appeals court rejected a plea to revive a defamation lawsuit against disgraced entertainer Bill Cosby. The claim dates back to an incident which purportedly took place in 1974. An actress says that Cosby raped her, and later went public with the accusation. After she published an account of her ordeal in a newspaper

Black Contractors Sue Tesla Over Racial Discrimination Claims

Three former contractors in the employ of Tesla filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging racial discrimination and harassment. The Los Angeles Times reports that the plaintiffs – Demetric Diaz, his father, Owen Diaz, and Lamar Peterson – say they were the target of “racially motivated abuse, including the frequent use of racial slurs” while

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Father of Las Vegas Shooting Victim

By now, many are aware of the tragic shooting that occurred in Las Vegas earlier this month that claimed nearly 6o lives and injured many more. Now that the dust is settling and investigations continue to unfold, some relatives of the victims are beginning to file wrongful death lawsuits against Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort and others. For example, the father of Andrea Castilla, a 28-year-old native of Huntington Beach that was one of the people tragically killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, has filed a “wrongful death lawsuit against the operators of the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, Live Nation and the manufacturer of bump stocks.”

Oil Company Agrees to $1.8M Lawsuit Over Overtime Dispute

A Canadian oil and gas company has agreed to settle a lawsuit with workers working in Colorado. In a lawsuit filed against the company, Ensign Energy Services, the workers claimed they were “denied overtime pay because of the way they were compensated.” The lawsuit itself settled for $2 million and was approved by a “federal judge in Denver.”

Honest Company Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Hemp Line

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is back in the news. This time, instead of being sued by angry customers, the company has decided to file a lawsuit of its own. Against who, though? Well, it turns out there is another company out there offering natural products, particularly hemp products, and the Honest Company claims it is “trying to bogart Alba’s trademark.” The company in question is Honest Herbal, and the lawsuit against it was filed in federal court in California late last month.