School District Settles Lawsuit Amid Allegations that School Nurse Abused Student

After four years of being abused by a school nurse assigned to care for him, a severely disabled boy and his family recently agreed to a settlement over a lawsuit they had filed against the Easton Area School District and Colonial Intermediate Unit 20. According to the lawsuit, the nurse often came to “work drunk and abused him for four years before teachers reported their concerns to child welfare officials.” As part of the settlement, the school district and IU “were ordered to pay a total of $150,000, as well as pay for the student’s tuition at the Royer-Greaves School for Blind in Paoli, Chester County.”

Family of Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr. Seeks Justice After Sheriff’s Deputies Penalized $4 in Controversial Killing

Some four and a half years ago, Florida sheriff’s deputies showed up to the home of Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr. The African-American father of three was a man with an imperfect past. He had several traffic violations on his record—serious violations, according to The New York Times—and had been drinking long before law enforcement arrived.

Do North Carolina Laws Over Traffic Fines Unfairly Punish the Poor? One Lawsuit Thinks So.

Earlier this week, a federal lawsuit was filed against the Commissioner of North Carolina’s Division of Motor Vehicles, Torre Jessup, after two South Carolina residents claimed that the state’s “practice of revoking drivers’ licenses of people who can’t pay their traffic fines and court costs is unconstitutional because it violates the rights to due process and equal protection under the 14th amendment.” The lawsuit itself was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice on behalf of Seti Johnson and Sharee Smoot.

Lawsuit Claims Tesla Responsible for Explosion, Burns

Son Nguyen, 37, suffers from severe burns after an electrical explosion at Tesla’s car factory, and is now suing the automaker for allegedly putting him in harm’s way “in order to increase productivity at the expense of human lives.”  Nguyen was working as a contractor at the Fremont, California, factory on June 5, 2017, when