Florida Suit over Takata Air Bags Settled

Takata Corporation confirmed that a Florida suit over Takata air bags settled recently. The suit pertained to Patricia Mincey and her 2001 Honda Civic. Ms. Mincey was involved in an accident in June 2014, during which her Takata air bag deployed with excessive force, leaving her a quadriplegic. Ms. Mincey passed away in April after almost two years in the hospital. She was 77.

Pound Civil Justice Institute Announces 2016 Appellate Advocacy Award

The Pound Civil Justice Institute announces 2016 Appellate Advocacy Award. According to its website, the Institute “is a national legal ‘think tank’ created by pioneering members of the trial bar and dedicated to ensuring access to justice for ordinary citizens. Through its activities, the Institute works to give lawyers, judges, legal educators and the public a balanced view of the issues affecting the U.S. civil justice system.” This year’s winners of the award have certainly accomplished the mission of the Pound Civil Justice Institute.

The Cake was, in Fact, a Lie

Pastor Jordan Brown of Austin, Texas is dropping his suit against Whole Food Market over a homophobic slur on a cake. While not saying who really wrote the word “Fag” under “Love Wins” on the cake he ordered, he has publicly stated it wasn’t Whole Foods. The cake was, in fact, a lie. In other words, the “promised reward [was] merely a fictitious motivator.”

Hate Cake Inspires Mixed Reactions Across the U.S.

Anyone who’s read my work on civil rights knows I’m an openly gay man. If you haven’t read those pieces… Surprise! Now you know. Normally, when a story such as the “Love Wins…Fag” cake hits the news, I’m all over it as I (and my employers) have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. So,

Student Expelled for Consensual Sadomasochistic Sex Wins Case

John Doe, as he is identified in the federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, was expelled from George Mason University in 2014 for engaging in an unconventional relationship. The student expelled for consensual sadomasochistic sex wins case for reinstatement as a student. As they say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains won’t prevent me from graduating.” Well, OK, so I paraphrased a bit.

CAS Sued DOT Secretary Foxx

The Center for Automotive Safety, an automotive safety group claimed the U.S. Department of Transportation has been in violation of the Congressional mandate in the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The mandate, put into effect on July 6, 2012, requires the DOT to post dealer technical service bulletins along with an index to them on the DOT website. In response to this violation, CAS sued DOT Secretary Foxx.