Chesapeake Schools Settle Over Alleged Child Abuse

Last month, Chesapeake Schools settled a lawsuit with a family that accused the school staff at Southeastern Elementary School of abusing their disabled son by regularly restraining him in a “special chair for the sake of convenience.” So how much did the school system pay up? Well, they won’t say.

D.C. Restaurant Sues Trump for Unfair Competition

Looks like President Trump might have another lawsuit on his hands. According to NPR, two restaurateurs in Washington, DC have sued the president and the Trump Old Post Office LLC, in a lawsuit filed in D.C. Superior Court for “unfair competition under local law.” The restaurateurs, Khalid Pitts and Diane Gross, who own Cork Wine

Food Safety Lawsuit Against Chipotle Dismissed

Chipotle has been through a lot these last few years. From food safety concerns to accusations that they lied to shareholders, it’s about time they caught a break. Fortunately for the restaurant, that time is now, as a judge recently ruled that “there’s insufficient evidence the burrito chain lied to shareholders” about food safety, resulting in the dismissal of a civil suit filed back in January 2016.

Mercy Springfield Ordered To Pay $28.9M In Negligence Lawsuit

For failure to diagnose Emilee Williams’ rare health disorder in a timely manner, Mercy Clinic Springfield Communities has been accused of negligence and ordered by a jury to pay $28.9 million to Williams. Because of the medical center’s delay in diagnosing her with Wilson’s disease, Williams claims her disorder became more severe — so severe that she “now must be fed through a tube.”

New Bill Would Limit Civil Rights and Class Action Lawsuits

President Trump has been a busy man since taking office. With all of his executive orders and Saturday morning tweets, he’s really got his plate full. But that hasn’t stopped him from revealing his budget proposal, which, unfortunately, would eliminate “the single greatest funder of civil legal aid in the United States, the Legal Services Corporation.” But it gets worse. At the same time, many in Congress are working to “block Americans from seeking justice on their own with the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017.” Wait, Congress wants to make it more difficult for everyday Americans to file lawsuits? It would seem.

Will Student Athletes Win $209M Scholarship Settlement?

A federal judge is considering the approval of a $208.7 million settlement between “student-athletes and the NCAA and major college sports conferences.” The catch is that the judge expects lawyers to do a “better job of letting athletes know about the settlement.” As it stands now, about $6,700 is expected to be awarded to former “Division I football and basketball players who received athletic scholarships at well below the cost of attending school.” Wait, what exactly happened to warrant such a settlement?

A Grand Crusade Against Consumers and Class-Action Lawsuits

A vote is due next week on an interesting bill proposed by Representative Bob Goodlatte. The Virginia Republican is bringing back an idea he failed to push through Congress last year which would tighten the controls on class-action lawsuits. Detractors inside government and from without are deriding H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation