Fatal Accident Involving Jackson Academy Student Results in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A family of an 18-year-old woman who died earlier this year on May 17 recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Superior Asphalt Inc., IMS Engineers, the city of Jackson, and others. According to the suit, the woman who lost her life was Frances Fortner. The day of the fatal incident, Fortner, who was a senior at Jackson Academy, was driving to graduation practice when her “car hit an unsecured manhole cover and flipped,” according to witnesses.

Arkansas Woman Allegedly Found Bed Bugs in Her Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort Room, According to Lawsuit

Christine Bingaman of Arkansas filed a class-action lawsuit against the “Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort, a Hilton Waldorf Astoria luxury property that is known for its charm” and is popular among tourists and locals alike. Why did she file the suit? Well, it turns out that despite the fact that the hotel “promises a world-class experience,” Bingaman claims she encountered bed bugs during her four-night visit to the property in May 2018.

Mexican Chain Cha Cha Cha Under Fire in Latest Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Mexican chain restaurant Cha Cha Cha recently found itself at the center of a gender discrimination lawsuit. The suit itself was filed by Mayra Ramirez, a former Human Resources employee with the establishment and alleges she was not only “paid less than her male counterparts,” but she also “regularly endured fat-shaming and racist insults, endured physically unhealthy workplace conditions, and was later fired after taking medical leave.”