Did Navient Mislead and Cheat Millions of Student Loan Borrowers?

Crippling student loan debt was a hot topic this past election cycle, so much so that it helped spark discussions about “reigning in college costs.” Considering the fact that the total outstanding student loan debt in the United States clocks in at more than $1.4 trillion, reigning in costs would be a great idea, as would solutions to help make student loan payments a bit more bearable for borrowers who are struggling month to month in order to make their payments. The student loan debt crisis isn’t new, though. It’s been gaining attention for years. What is new, however, is news that one of the nation’s largest servicer of student loans, Navient, has been misleading student loan borrowers and making “serious mistakes at nearly every step of the collections process” and “illegally driving up loan repayment costs for millions of borrowers” for years, according to lawsuits filed recently “by a federal regulator and two state attorneys general.”

Lawsuit Revived In Missouri Regarding Naked Pretrial Detainees

Imagine that you’re a pretrial detainee in a little jail in Missouri. Now imagine that, as a detainee in that small jail, you’re forced to go naked for several hours while your only set of clothes are in the laundry. The only thing to cover yourself is a sheet and any other bedding you might have, while guards, potentially of the opposite sex, look in on you from time to time from your cell’s window. Sound a bit hard to believe? Well, believe it, because this is the reality that pretrial detainees face on a regular basis at the Cole County Detention Center in Jefferson City, Missouri. Fortunately for detainees who find the rule a bit demeaning and uncivilized, a federal appeal court revived a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the jail’s policy.

Pyrrhic Victory for Johnson & Johnson

A Dallas judge’s ruling resulted in a pyrrhic victory for Johnson & Johnson. The latest and possibly last chapter in a long-lasting court case came to a close at the beginning of January. For two years, Johnson & Johnson had been fighting six plaintiffs’ accusations of negligence. At the forefront of the drama was a