Medtronic’s Preemption Win in the 10th Circuit – With An Interesting Twist

The Tenth Circuit issued an opinion on Tuesday, finding that state law claims asserted against Medtronic, manufacturer of the InFuse bone growth stimulator were preempted by FDA approval of the medical device under the Medical Device Act (“MDA”). Plaintiff in the case alleged that Medtronic representatives promoted an off-label, posterior surgical approach for the device,

Heritage Foundation Tells SCOTUS Legalizing Gay Marriage Kills 900,000 Fetuses

The once-taken-seriously Heritage Foundation filed a 100-page amicus brief as SCOTUS prepares to hear the issue again. In the brief, the Heritage Foundation tells SCOTUS legalizing gay marriage kills 900,000 fetuses. The “logic” behind this mind-numbingly stupid claim? If “the gays” can legally marry, there will be fewer opposite sex marriages, which means more women

CenturyLink, AT&T Join fight against FCC over Broadband Reclassification

Telecommunications giant, CenturyLink filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Friday, April 17th, joining AT&T and 5 other companies and trade groups fighting the February change of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules on net neutrality. The new rules, which were officially published last week into the Federal Register,

Law Firms must Improve Data Security Status-quo

As the world continues to revolve/evolve around the internet as well as devices that make access to information instantaneous and continuous, major hacks and data leaks are happening with a greater degree of frequency. Some breaches in data security, such as the Wikileaks and Edward Snowden-NSA disclosures, and even to a lesser extent, the Sony