The Earthly Ambassador for God and His Son, Jesus Christ Recently Filed a Suit Against All Homosexuals

Image: 5/6/2015 The earthly ambassador for God and His Son, Jesus Christ recently filed a suit against all homosexuals asking the U.S. District Court of Omaha, Nebraska to review the issue of whether homosexuality is a sin. If you’re thinking “Pope Francis,” think again! Ambassador Sylvia Driskell, 66, will appear in pro se (representing

Corinthian Colleges Bankruptcy highlights Disparity between Corporate and Student Debt

5/6/2015 The for-profit college system, Corinthian Colleges, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in Delaware Federal District Court on Monday, May 4th, amid a year-long financial crisis. Corinthian’s system, including Everest Institute and WyoTech, consisted of over 100 campuses nationwide and about 74,000 students and over 10,000 faculty and staff. The system is facing the

EBay Data Breach suit dismissed due to lack of Provable Harm

5/6/2015 On Monday, May 4th, Judge Susie Morgan of the Eastern District of Louisiana dismissed a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of millions of American account-holders whose personal information was compromised during the 2014 EBay data breach. The breach, which occurred in late February or early March of last year, exposed passwords, names, mailing addresses,

Senate joins House’s fight to rein in “Patent-Trolls”

The day may come soon in which patent trolls will join their namesakes in the realm of lore and legend, at least if both houses of congress are able to reconcile dual measures into a single piece of legislation. Although the House of Representatives had already passed “The Innovation Act” in 2013 by an overwhelming

Roberts Opinion on Williams-Yulee vs. Florida Bar a Clear, but Mixed-Message on Campaign Finance

5/4/2015 In a surprising and pragmatic break from his usual stance regarding campaign financing, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the 4 Supreme Court liberals, ruling in favor of campaign limits for judicial candidates. Roberts, along with Justice Anthony Kennedy, cast the deciding precedent-setting votes in the 2010 Citizens United ruling that essentially blew the

Takeda Settles Actos Cases for $2.3B

4/30/2015 In a great example of “CYA,” Takeda settles Actos cases for $2.3B. The agreement, yet to be approved by the plaintiffs, is a result of last year’s whopping smackdown in which a federal jury awarded a shopkeeper $9B, payable by Takeda and it’s former partner, Eli Lilly & Co. The court reduced that award

Supreme Court Unanimous EEOC ruling a Unanimous Victory?

4/30/2015 In what has been initially hailed as both a small victory for companies as well as for employees, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday, April 29th, that proper Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) procedures may be subjected to court oversight. More specifically, the Court mandated that the EEOC must make an attempt at

How Whistleblowers came to Regulate Federal Healthcare

4/29/2015 The two most recent scandals involving government healthcare that Legal Reader has been following have been unearthed by whistleblowers, former employees who have brought systematic abuses to the public even in the face of retaliation. First, last year’s nationwide Veterans Affairs (VA) wait-time scandal dominated news headlines and forced the resignation of then-Secretary Eric

ESPN-Verizon Lawsuit may set course for Future of Cable Industry

                In what could be seen as uncharacteristically customer-focused maneuver, Verizon began offering “Custom TV” plans for their FiOS cable packages starting at $55 per month beginning last week. These plans include a core bundle of stations and then offer additional customizable tiers of channels based on customer