CenturyLink, AT&T Join fight against FCC over Broadband Reclassification

Telecommunications giant, CenturyLink filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Friday, April 17th, joining AT&T and 5 other companies and trade groups fighting the February change of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules on net neutrality. The new rules, which were officially published last week into the Federal Register,

Law Firms must Improve Data Security Status-quo

As the world continues to revolve/evolve around the internet as well as devices that make access to information instantaneous and continuous, major hacks and data leaks are happening with a greater degree of frequency. Some breaches in data security, such as the Wikileaks and Edward Snowden-NSA disclosures, and even to a lesser extent, the Sony

3rd Circuit Walmart Gun Case Reversal a Win for Management

Walmart won a major battle for self-determination in its business operations on Tuesday, April 14th, when the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a District of Delaware November, 2014 ruling that could have potentially restricted gun and ammunition sales based on the desires of certain shareholders. The fast-tracked appeal was resolved before the Thursday, April

Tower Loan Believes Itself Above the Law

Privately owned finance company Tower Loan believes itself above the law. The company has over 180 branches in five states, over 700 employees and 200,000+ customers. One of its branches is in Louisiana where it recently fired Tristan Broussard for being transgender. Tower insisted during a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation that federal