Lawsuit Alleges Toddler’s Wrongful Death Was Part of Medicaid Scheme

For the parents of a 14-month-old girl, a simple trip to the dentist cost their child her life. Now, the girl’s family is suing Austin Children’s Dentistry, including their daughter’s dentist, the dental practice, the anesthesiologist and the company he works for, Texas Anesthesiology Association, for the wrongful death of their daughter. But what happened? How did the girl, Daisy Lynn Torres, die at the dentist office? Well, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office, she tragically passed away back on March 29, 2016, as a “result of anesthesia administered for the treatment of tooth decay.”

Sandy Hook Parents Try Reinstating Lawsuit Against Remington

The parents of some of the Sandy Hook Massacre’s victims are asking the State Supreme Court to reinstate a lawsuit against Remington, a large firearms manufacturer. The attorney for the families participating in the litigation, Josh Koskoff, filed a 62-page document outlining their argument. Koskoff and his clients believe Remington knowingly marketed its AR-15 Bushmaster

Judge: Immigrants Can File Lawsuit Against a Private Prison

A federal judge in Denver gave the green light for immigrants to file a class action lawsuit against a private prison operator. The lawsuit is centered on a 1,500-bed facility operated by GEO Group and located in Aurora, Colorado. Former detainees allege that their labor was taken advantage of. Inmates past and present said they’d

Lawsuit Filed Over Drowning Death In Demi Moore’s Pool

The death of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, especially when it could have been avoided. This is the situation that Jorge and Maria Valle faced a year and a half ago when they learned that their 21-year-old son, Edenilson Steven Valle, drowned in actress Demi Moore’s swimming pool. How could his death have been avoided? Well, according to a lawsuit filed by the Valle family, their son “had said he could not swim, making it unlikely he voluntarily entered the deep end of the pool.” As a result, they’re suing the “Tree House Trust that owns the Beverly Hills home, and Bessy Wong and Lenny Hernandez” who hosted the party back on July 19, 2015, where Valle drowned.

Texas Reinstates Law Against Harboring Illegal Immigrants

An appeals court in Texas reinstated a law which criminalized harboring illegal immigrants. The law had been pending since 2015, when it was passed by the state senate. A federal judge had issued an injunction against the law after two San Antonio landlords and their counsel filed a suit. The two men, backed by the